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Kansas Prisoners Recycling Program Includes Making Dog Beds

For over a year now the inmates at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility in Kansas have been dismantling old used mattresses that would have otherwise ended up in area landfills and recycling them. The steel from the springs and the cotton batting in the mattresses are recycled, generating money for prison operations. Wood from the mattresses has been fashioned into flower boxes and benches. Ad foam from the mattresses is being used by the prisoners in order to make dog beds not only for the two dog training programs in the prison but for are shelters as well. Every part of the old mattresses that would have once taken up space in a landfill is being used either in beautifying the prison, as a donation to the community, or in making money for the prison general fund.

The dog beds are being used by the two dog training programs taking place in the prison the Lucky Dog program, where inmates train and socialize shelter dogs in order to prepare them for adoption, and by the prison’s Canine Assistance Rehabilitation, Education and Services, or C.A.R.E.S., program, where dogs are trained to be service dogs.

Since the program creating dog beds out of the old mattress began about 3 months ago nearly 150 beds have been made. It takes at least six hours to make the larger dog beds. The beds not used in the prison for the two dog training programs and not donated to the local shelter they work with will be sold at an area veterinary clinic. All money made from the sale of these beds will go into the care of the dogs including having treats and leashes for training.

Source:  Hutchinson

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