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Painful injustice

Rocco's bodyRocco’s body

Credits: NJSPCA

New Jersey – It is unfair to deny a domesticated animal, reliant upon a careprovider, life sustaining sustenance.

It is unjust to make such an animal suffer a torturous death by the denial of these necessities.

It is a travesty when a court of law fails to adequately punish a careprovider for these crimes.

A Pit bull named Rocco suffered the ultimate injustice – both at the hands of his "care-providers", and at the hands of the court which failed to punish those individuals.

Back in February, Rocco’s emaciated body was discovered lying on the frozen ground of a backyard.

A necropsy revealed the extent of this dog’s suffering prior to his death.

Rocco was infested with parasites, including heartworm and whipworm. Rocco’s body had no fat – not even around his heart.

Rocco had suffered horribly prior to succumbing to extreme starvation.

In August, his abusers, Dawn and Brandon Tucker, went to court to face their charges – charges which, by New Jersey state statute – allow for jail time.

Sadly, Rocco’s injustice continued.

The Tuckers will not be heading to jail – instead, Judge Larsen of the Clementon Municipal Court, assigned them minimal community service.

Due to their "limited" resources – Judge Craig Larsen issued a meager fine of $250 each.

When the NJSPCA requested that the Tucker’s remaining dogs be removed from the home – the request was denied.

A living creature suffered horribly at the hands of his owners.

Day after painful day, Rocco waited for any form of life-sustaining food to be provided. Day after painful day he was denied.

Waiting, hoping, suffering – until his body could not wait a moment longer.

It is an injustice to be treated in such a horrific manner.

It is an injustice to die by such cruelty.

It is an injustice for his abusers to walk away with little to no punishment.

Rest in Peace Rocco.

Note: A Facebook page "No Justice for Rocco" has been created. To learn more, click here.

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By Penny Eims

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  1. Let me tell you something. Because we die we have to face the ultimate one, and whoever does not have the ultimate one in them will experience the ultimate end of all ends. Believe me, justice will be served. That is because because humans are finite. The ultimate one who made life is eternal. He is the Lord God Jesus Christ.

    Comment by Jonathan Hughes | September 11, 2011 | Reply

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