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A Dog Owner’s Overview for Grade 3 Dog Arthritis

A Dog Owner’s Overview for Grade 3 Dog Arthritis

28/04/20111 comment

Dog arthritis when left untreated can greatly diminish a dog’s quality of life. So dog owners should be very vigilant when observing the subtle signs their dog may develop from this crippling disease. When the dog’s pain and inflammation are quite pronounced, then the disease may have progressed to a point where it is very difficult to reverse the joint damage. Grade 3dog arthritis refers to moderate to severe arthritis.


Lameness is severe and very frequent. Inflammation of the joints is quite pronounced and the dog is no longer able to hide the pain, especially when the affected joint is touched. The dog may also undergo behavioral changes such as irritation and aggression as a direct result of the pain. In stage 3, the dog will have difficulty jumping or using the stairs, and since the dog is no longer active, the muscle mass starts to decrease. This is known as muscle atrophy.

X-Rays and Endoscopy

X-rays and endoscopy will reveal the presence of large bone spurs or osteophytes, more scar tissue will appear around the affected joints, and very pronounced fissures in the cartilage will be present.


At this stage, the arthritic dog should be treated to prevent a deterioration in the animal’s condition. Treatments for grade 1 and 2 dog arthritis should be used with the addition of the following:

  • Neuropathic pain medicines (NMDA antagonists). These drugs work by “calming down” over-efficient neural pain pathways. They have minimal side effects can be used with most prescription painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). Although NSAIDs can cause side effects in some dogs, if your pet is healthy and has undergone blood tests that show that the animal can efficiently metabolize the drug, then the use of NSAIDs should be considered. Most NSAIDs inhibit both inflammatory and some of the beneficial properties of COX enzymes, so the dog must be closely monitored while taking these medications. Blood testing should be continued during the course of treatment to recognize any adverse side effects early on.
  • Dietary supplements. Choose dietary supplements specifically formulated for dogs. This is a HUGE topic but very important in the treatment of arthritis. I can only do it justice in my e-book – Modern Dog Arthritis Treatment.

You can download my e-book ‘Modern Dog Arthritis Treatment’ from http://www.dogarthritisplan.com/modern-dog-arthritis-treatment/


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