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When Mason — the incredible dog from Alabama — survived being tossed about by a tornado, crawled home on two broken legs, and then went through incredible surgery to repair his injuries, I‘ll admit I was nearly positive I wouldn’t find another heartwarming dog story for a while.

I was wrong.

Meet “Star.” She’s the mixed-breed dog from Malta who was found not only buried alive up to her face, but also found to have 40 gunshot wounds, including several to her head.

The New York Daily News explains:

Officers investigating an unrelated case near the city of Birzebbuga last week heard faint whispers from under a plank with a tree stump on top of it. After removing the plank, they made the gruesome discovery: a dog buried alive in dirt up to its face, its snout and limbs tied up, and multiple bullet wounds in its head, The Times of Malta reported.

The dog, a female mixed-breed that rescuers named “Star,” was dug out and taken for emergency surgery at the Ta’ Qali hospital. Doctors were able to save her life, despite removing more than 40 gun pellets from her skull.

Malta news station One News has posted a video of the incredible canine. While you may not be able to understand the language in the report, the pictures say it all:

Video:  Il-Kelba li nstabet midfuna ħajja….

According to the Daily News, Star has received several adoption offers from around the world. She even has her own Facebook page and her story has led both TIME and HuffPo to dub her the “miracle dog.”

Officials are still looking for those responsible. In Malta, an animal cruelty conviction can net up to one year in jail.  In the world the punishment for animal cruelty is much too lenient, especially for something like this… because animal abusers usually are abusers of another kind as well!

Source:  the Blaze

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