Every Pet Deserves A Good Home…

Shelter (noun): Something that affords protection; a refuge, a haven… instead U.S. animal shelters are inhumane death camps… in many instances!

Webcam Screenshots from Memphis Animal Services, Posted April 30, 2011

Puppy to kill room – one hand on one foreleg.

Workers allow this pregnant dog to be dragged to the kennel in which they are placing a whelping box.

No seriously lady – that cage is way too small for me.


A mama dog is taken from her kennel on a chokepole.

Her pups are taken to the kill room.

Inhumane handling of puppy.

This dog is too big for this small cage.

A beautiful GSD comes into the shelter.

A worker puts the GSD on a chokepole.

The GSD is taken directly to the kill room.

This was the last shot of the GSD visible on the webcams.

In the background of this shot, a worker appears to be taking something out of a small cage.

It appears to be a dead black dog.

The business of killing continues while the black dog lies there on the floor.

Check out the dead dog.

So busy…

Everybody just leaves and the dead dog is still on the floor.

And sadly this is by far not the worst or even close to it!!  But in reality no animals ever need to be mistreated and no healthy dogs, cats, or other pets need or should be euthanized.  The pet over-population factor is a myth that we all have been fed!!  We need to stop the killing!!  Please join the “NO KILL MOVEMENT”

Source:  SeaBiscuit

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Deer Befriends Widowed Nursing Goose

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