Every Pet Deserves A Good Home…

Dedicated to All Those Humans Who…

This is dedicated to all those humans who have said or think… it is just a dog, a cat or an animal… who think animals have no or limited feelings or who think we (the human animals) are far superior to all others.  God created all creatures and all creatures deserve to be treated as humanely as possible.  And domesticated animals often appear to have connections with other creatures, feelings and smarts far beyond what we give them credit for. Perhaps these videos might cause you to think again~

Video:  Cat tries to wake up dead friend

at tries to wake up his friend who just died. Antalya, Turkey.  The other Turkish people tried to help, but the white cat didn’t allowed that. He was protecting the other cat. The vet was also there and he clearly said, he never saw something like this. and for the trolls: the vet said it was CLEARLY an epic scene, he gave the other cat a heart massage.

Video:  Wake up… Please wake up!  Heart Breaking

Most saddest heart breaking thing imaginable. The poor dog thinks his mate is sleeping. Tries for a long time to ‘wake him up’ to no avail.  The situation here in China is not good. There are stray dogs here everywhere. Injured animals and injured people alike are along the streets everywhere and will not receive assistance. These videos open your eyes to the REAL WORLD. This is the world we live in. Life is not fair. There are thousands of stray dogs in one city. They often have diseases and are aggressive towards people. Get out of your mother’s basement and realize this is life.

Video:  Dog saves Dog

Dog saves Dog off highway. Song by Marisa "Blind Man wandering" provided by YOUTUBE Audio Swap options. Heres is the link for her album:  http://musicishere.com/artists/East_of_Everything/Angela..s_Wings


Puppy Save Owner From Fire  -  Heroic Chihuahua Dies

Dog Saves Owner – Campground closes after mountain lion attacks dog

‘Dogs Have The Intelligence of a Human Toddler’

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