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Justice for 37 Dogs Gassed in Ohio

Dear Pet Friend and Advocate for Life and the Law

The Brown County, Ohio Dog Warden seized 37 dogs from a home. The dogs were reported thin and possibly having mange. But this rescue into a tragedy when the warden immediately euthanized the dogs in the shelter’s gas chamber.

Demand justice for these dogs. »
Proper procedure called for the dogs to be held for 72 hours in order to form a proper analysis of the dogs’ conditions and develop a plan for what will happen to them.

The SPCA has reason to believe this euthanasia case, along with other cases at the Brown County shelter, are unjust and asked for them to turn over their reports on the case for review.

Please join us in asking the shelter to turn over the reports. »
These dogs didn’t deserve to die. Let’s make sure the shelter does what’s right in the future.

Thanks for taking action!

Stop the Unjust Euthanasia of Dogs in Ohio

Take action now.

Take Action!

Take action link: http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/AgCt7/zK8d/bY9np


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