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The Kindest Decision – In Home Euthanasia for Pets

In Home Euthanasia and Aftercare for Your Pet

Home Euthanasia – The Kindest Decision
The decision you have made after consulting with your veterinarian as well as family and friends to end suffering, pain, and the loss of life quality is a loving, caring one. Your decision to have the procedure performed in the home is the most peaceful, stress-free situation for your dear family member as well as the family members left behind. 

If you live in a large city area, there are services that specialize in this.  If you live in a smaller or more rural area, often the local vet with come to your home.

The most gentle method of euthanasia that is determined by the history, current treatment and evaluation of the condition of the pet at the time of the house visit. Generally the doctor will come to your home, some information and your consent will be gathered. When your pet is in a comfortable place the doctor will administer a heavy sedative that will take effect in minutes. This will make the pet unaware and out of pain. The doctor will then administer an overdose of barbiturate, which will peacefully ease the pet to sleep.


Fees vary, but you can usually get a comparison quote online and in many areas there are emergency services available 24-hours per day. If it is not an emergency, once you have recognized that your pet’s life quality is greatly diminished and the suffering must end soon most Vets and services will make an appointment for non-emergency services within 24 to 48 hours.

Services are tailored to your needs that include sedation, euthanasia, private cremation with delivery to your home in a decorative cedar urn, or aftercare without return of ashes. You may make other arrangements for aftercare. The fee depends upon several factors: whether the next available appointment is taken or an emergency is required, the size of the pet, and the aftercare option selected.

We all dread thinking about the fact that the day for the need for this service will come, but knowing that it is available when the time comes is often comforting.

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