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Tell Michael Vick Please Don’t Get Another Dog!!

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Michael Vick, professional footballer player and convicted dog fighting ring operator, recently said he’d like to own another dog and that it would be a "big step" in his rehabilitation process.

Tell Michael Vick: please don’t own another dog! »
In 2007, more than 50 dogs were rescued from Vick’s farm and reports of unspeakable abuse like electrocuting dogs in his pool surfaced.

Michael Vick should continue his rehabilitation and his role as animal advocate, but not personally own another dog. »

Now, Vick is speaking out against dog fighting and is a reformed animal advocate. But even if Vick has learned compassion for animals, no dog should be used to test his recovery.

A dog shouldn’t be adopted to someone with a history of animals abuse, just like a child shouldn’t be adopted to someone with a history of child abuse. Send a polite message to Michael Vick: applaud his new role as an animal advocate, but tell him to please not get another dog. »

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Tell Michael Vick: Please Don’t Get Another Dog!


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Take action link: http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/AgaH2/zKVZ/bKVZL

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