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Thought of the Day 12.11.10 – Christmas for Pet People

“A hug from a child or a lick from a pet makes everything better including the holidays!”

(Consider adopting or fostering just one more pet for the holidays… the shelters are overflowing and 2 out of 3 animals who get into the shelter system never leave there alive!)

Video: Animals of the Tube sing “Deck the Hall

Santa Photos With Fido or other Furry and Feathered Friends

Many places these days offer photos for pets with Santa.  Some do better jobs than others!!  Even within a chain like PetsMart, the quality of the photos varies with the group doing the photos in individual stores. (They are often amateur volunteers sponsored/run by local rescues inside the store)  And remember, most are Polaroid, so if they come out well have them copied or scan them in.

At our local Petsmart, you basically get a Polaroid of your dog sitting on Santa’s lap. Others may have a higher quality set up and better photographers, but don’t count on it.  Most allow and even encourage you to be part of the photo.

Some local malls have special ‘pets day(s)’ with the mall Santa and even some smaller pet store chains do Santa photos. The special “pictures with Santa” days during which dogs, cats and pets in general were allowed inside the mall is usually in the evening or off hours. They are also usually  sponsored by a rescue, so the proceeds go to a good cause. The pictures are usually okay, but not great. Nothing to write home about, but when you have x amount of dogs waiting in line and lots of stuff going on, even the best photographer may not manage making your dog look like Lassie, RinTinTin or the Beverly Hills Chihuahua…  after all half the kiddie photos aren’t much better.   But it is fun to have a photo with Santa!

Some of the photos of ourselves, our kids or our furkids with Santa aren’t the greatest, but as the years go by the old ones seem to get better and better! Winking smile And, over the years we have managed to get a few cute ones!

Angel and Santa - Good

Some places will allow you to bring your own camera and take a shot as long as you buy their package.  And definitely always, like with the human kids, be ready prepared to end up in the photo along with your pet(s).

Santa pet photos are usually with dogs, but I’ve seen people come in with cats, bunnies, ferrets pot belly pigs, birds, and even a fish bowl but I would suggest coming in at a slow time to do that, or the cats and birds will be spooked and even try to run or fly away.  I did see a Santa come for the day to an exotic bird shop where people came with their large parrots and cockatoos.

Even with dogs, remember there will often be lots of dogs in line and Santa can be a scary figure to some, just like he is for some children!

Some of the best Christmas and holiday photos are done at home or better yet by a professional; in a private session.

Libby & Santa 2009 santababy

Councilman Ed Reisinger plays Santa at Locust Point Dog Park

Balzac (225 lbs) with Santa

Every Pet Santa Deserves a Tip!!

Santa PerchRocky the Ferret Kisses SantaGracie and Sahmmy with Santa

PetsMart and Santa Paws are just a few programs that take Pet Photos with Santa.  Often the proceeds go to help homeless pets in shelters and rescues or to supply needy families with food and needed supplies.

Merry Christmas… the Season has begun!

Critter for Christmas Gift… Not Best Idea! unless you know the person wants and pet and which one or kind they want; taking them to the shelter, a rescue of pet store an allowing them to choose the pet is always the best idea!!

Often Photos taken at home (without Santa) the the cutest and the least stressful!!


Photo #5 –Where’s Apachi?  and  Photo #6 – Can You Find all 6???


by Ask Marion/the UCLA Shutterbug

There is always room for Just One More Pet!!

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