Every Pet Deserves A Good Home…

Lion Cubs Playing

Group Snuggle

I thought I would show a series of images I took of some half grown lion cubs playing. After a nap it all begins, of course, with a group snuggle. Lions are very affectionate with each other.


The stare-down


Every cat owner recognizes that look…and what comes next. Notice at the very bottom there is a wound from rough play. You can find similar wounds on most cat owners.


The Swat


The first blow is landed.



One is obviously the tormentor.



There is no use trying to just walk away.

Cuddle Time


What can you say? Family.

Mothers Play, Too


Lion moms are pretty good sports, and up for a bit of playing, too.


Lion dads are a bit more serious. They do play with their brothers.


Source:  Decent Exposure

December 2, 2010 - Posted by | Animal and Pet Photos, animal behavior, animals, Just One More Pet, Wild Animals

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