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Mia The Dog Who Survived Euthanasia Treatment Gets New Home

"The Michigan Rottweiler that survived a euthanasia attempt has found a new home and renewed medical treatment, her owner said.

Matt Olivarez, 27, of Detroit, said Mia, the 11-year-olddog that made headlines last month after she recovered from euthanasia treatment at the Westcott Veterinary Care Center, is moving to the country with friends who asked to remain anonymous, The Detroit News reported Tuesday."


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Last month Mia`s owner attempted to put the old dog to sleep because of her many infirmities. But the pooch survived the euthanasia attempt, and after her amazing story made the news, hundreds of dog lovers responded with offers to pay for Mia`s vet treatment.

I don`t blame the owner, because the unfortunate canine`s many maladies included a ruptured disc in her spine, arthritis in her hips and spine, and partial paralysis in her right rear leg.

Thank goodness that this loveable animal with the indomitable spirit to live has been blessed with a second chance at life.

I have an old hound myself, and I know how much pleasure a senior dog can give its owner. May Mia and her owners enjoy many happy days together.

By Robert Reyes


Donations Accepted to Care for Dog that Survived Euthanasia

Santiago Esparza / The Detroit News

Redford Township — People wishing to help pay for the care of a dog who was euthanized last week only to revive the next day can send donations to a Dearborn Heights veterinarian’s office.

Caputo Animal Hospital, 8188 North Telegraph is accepting the donations, said Matt Olivarez, whose dog Mia has attracted national attention.

"I don’t want the money," said the 27-year-old Olivarez, who recently moved from a house in Redford Township to an apartment in Detroit. "This has never been about me. I just want to help my dog." Mia, an 11-year-old rottweiler, has a spinal problem that veterinarians are trying to diagnose, Olivarez said. Medication has been prescribed and if the dog makes it through the next few days, she may not have to be put to sleep, he said.

"It is just amazing," Olivarez said.

Mia cannot get around right now and Olivarez is feeding her by hand. But the dog seems to be responding to her medication and no longer whimpers as if in pain, he said.

‘The medication is kicking in," he said.

Olivarez took Mia to Westcott Veterinary Care Center in Detroit last Saturday to be euthanized because his beloved pooch was in severe pain. He took the dog home with the idea of burying her in his yard.

But when he went to bury her on Sunday, the dog was not where he had laid her in his garage. She was near her food bowl and looking as if she had wondered where he had been, Olivarez said.

"It was scary," said Olivarez, a horror movie buff. " He initially said he couldn’t euthanize her a second time, but now says that he doesn’t want Mia to be in pain. If the new vets say she needs to be put to sleep, he won’t fight it.

"I have been surprised at the attention," he said of people from across the country who have offered to donate money or to adopt Mia. "I didn’t know there were so many dog lovers out there." Olivarez’ mother Brenda Shead said people can donate $1 each to help with care, which could include surgery.

Westcott officials were not available for comment. The center declined comment earlier this week.

Caputo Animal Hospital was closed today. For information about donating, call (313) 564-1058

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