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Elk Born in Yellowstone – Amazing Photos

Superb  photos of a cow elk giving birth to her calf right next to  the Administration building at Yellowstone National Park  headquarters in Mammoth Hot Springs! You can see how  wildlife and people can live together harmoniously. And I  figure it is one of the few places in the Yellowstone area  where a cow elk can safely have her calf without it being  eaten immediately by a grizzly or a wolf! Enjoy these great  photos!

Yellowstone National Park















When  I see nature in action like this, several things immediately  go through my mind…I know animals have feelings and love  just like humans….and I know there has to be a God to have  created us all…. things like this just didn’t evolve out  of the oceans, folks…there had to be an Architect, A Head  Engineer…it’s too complicated….this is absolutely the  emotions of love and maternal instincts at the  finest.


Wild Pics Capture Grizzly Chasing Bison in Yellowstone Park

Oh Deer… Guess Who Came to Dinner?

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Monkey Catchers on Guard for Obama’s India Visit

Delhi’s police are to build 30-feet towers in jungle surrounding President Obama’s hotel to protect him from terrorist attacks during next week’s visit, and also shield from an invasion by the city’s most persistent threat – monkeys.

They have been asked to erect ‘machan’ towers for elite commandos who will use powerful searchlights and night-sight binoculars to lookout for suspicious movement and any signs of a simian invasion.

The jungle opposite the president’s suite at the exclusive ITC Mauriya Hotel is part of the city’s Ridge forest which is home to many of the monkeys which terrorise the capital.

Tribes of the red-bottomed bhandar monkeys regularly overrun government office compounds, bite through expensive computer cables, attack people carrying food and cause general mayhem.

Local newspapers regularly report the latest victims of the ‘monkey menace’ but while officials are usually reluctant to take action against them – they symbolise the Hindu monkey God Hanuman – this time they are taking no chances.

Alongside heavily armed antiterrorist commandos, trained monkey-catchers will also be deployed.

"We will deploy commandos, snipers and even monkey catchers to ensure his safety," a police officer told The Hindustan Times.

Taj Hassam, joint commissioner of police (security) confirmed the issue was on the agenda for an "all-agency" meeting held on Monday.

The Indian government fears Islamic terrorist groups, like the Lashkar e Taiba, might use President Obama’s visit to launch attacks anywhere in India.

Officials have been working with counter-terrorist specialists from Britain, the United States and Australia to prevent any high profile attacks which could cause new tensions between India and Pakistan.

Source:  Telegraph.co.uk

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