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Starving, ‘Lifeless’ Dog Dumped Over Shelter Fence – Be Vigilant My Friends

Starving, ‘Lifeless’ Dog Dumped Over Shelter Fence

Shelter workers at a Mississippi rescue were leaving for the day and almost didn’t notice a small creature huddled up in a tarp outside the facility.

They moved closer and realized they were looking at a dog. Poor little “Flounder” had been cruelly thrown over the fence and abandoned! He was almost completely hairless and so malnourished he resembled a walking skeleton.

Helpless animals who have been senselessly abused and neglected deserve better. That’s why American Humane Association’s Second Chance® Fund program is here — to make sure they receive the medical treatment they desperately need to start a new life.

Won’t you please donate today to support this vital program, enabling us to help more animals like Flounder?

Flounder Is Now Flourishing!

If you saw Flounder today, you would never suspect what he’d been through. It’s not just that he has a full and lustrous coat, and is a healthy weight. It’s the look in his eyes, which are no longer lifeless and dull, but instead filled with curiosity and joy.

This incredible change happened because caring donors like you took action. American Humane Association was able to provide a Second Chance grant to the Mississippi shelter where Flounder was abandoned, helping the shelter cover the cost of his veterinary care.

Flounder has since been adopted into a new, loving home, where his happiness and newfound zest for life shine through every day!
Flounder proves that homeless pets are far from hopeless. But he’s not alone; thousands of abused and neglected animals need assistance. Please help us help them by donating now to our Second Chance Fund!





Donate to American Humane today to give abused and neglected animals like Flounder a second chance!

Please Support a National Pet/Animal Abuse Registry and Tougher Animal Abuse Laws:

Pet Abuse Registry Started in NY by Suffolk County SPCA… An Idea That is Waaaay Overdue and Needed Everywhere!  So Let’s Do It!!

Tough New Law to treat animal offenders like sex offenders…  Does it go to far… Heck NO!!

It has been proven that child molesters, serial killers, wife beaters, and deviates of all kinds often started as animal abusers or do both through their lives.  It is our job to stop all these types of abuse… and why is abuse of a helpless animal of less importance than child or spousal abuse?  elder abuse?  Or any type of abuse?

Animal abusers of New York’s Suffolk County on Long Island will now go to jail and on a registry for which they will have to pay $50 to maintain the program

The abusers will be registered and their information will be listed online and on lists for rescues, pet stores, and all animal type programs who will be required to check these before selling any pet.  Abusers can also do jail time, public service time and pay larger fees as part of the the program.

Checkout SuffolkSPCA.org

The new program is sparking National Interest!!

Time to create a National registry and database to help abused animals and often their human counterparts that their abusers encounter.

An idea that is waaaaay overdue and Needed everywhere… Let’s do it.  Let’s take it National!!

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