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Provide Deploying Military Working Dogs with Cooling Vests and Gear

Support Military Working Dogs


About Support Military Working Dogs

Starline Nunley started this organization from a request for help from her son who is now depolyed in Afghanistan.The dogs were having trouble doing their jobs due to the heat.This put the soldiers in danger. Starline has received several awards from high ranking military leaders for her efforts.


  • Provide Cool Vests for deploying MWDs (Military Working Dogs)
  • Purchase Doggles to protect their eyes from blowing sand
  • Provide MuttLuks to protect their paws
  • Purchase collapsible water/food bowls
  • Provide ear protection from exploding ammo & flying in BlackHawks

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The Cooling Vest project has expanded over time from outfitting 15 MWDs in Iraq to its current goal of outfitting all dogs in active war zones.Most dogs that are sent home for rest will be redeployed.There will always be a need to outfit any new incoming MWDs and replace gear that wears out,as long as we are in war zones.The goal started as providing Cool Vests to keep the dogs body temp. below 103 degrees,and has expanded to Doggles to protect their eyes from blowing sand & MuttLuks to protect their feet from the 130+ degree sand and asphalt that cause burns and prohibits them from getting rid of excess body heat.Ear protection is needed from explosions and the noise of the Black Hawk helicopters that transport them.Starline visits fairs and any large gatherings where she can get the word out about this important cause.Starline says "I can’t physically protect all the sons and daughters.But I can help the dogs that do.These dogs do this service selflessly and with great courage."


How will the 25K be Used?

$ 10,000
Chilly Dog Vests and packs

$ 5,000
Doggles (eye protection)

$ 5,000
MuttLuks (paw protection)

$ 3,000
MuttMuffs (ear protection)

$ 2,000
collapsible water/food bowls & postage


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