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Hero Dogs of 9/11

Video:  Hero Dogs of 9/11 

What can I say about the experience I’ve had with “Hero Dogs Of 9/11″?

After spending most of August creating it and most of September promoting it, I can truthfully say that I’m exhausted, both mentally and physically. But I’m also ecstatic about getting out the Dog Files message which is, promoting the love, care and respect of man’s best friend.

But I didn’t do it alone. Many of you helped. Some of you asked your fellow dog bloggers to post the video on their site. Many of you shared it on Facebook and told friends and families about it.

Hollywood Celebrities like Leeann Tweeden and Alyssa Milano contacted business associates and tweeted about it.

And because of this… because of YOU caring deeply about promoting the virtues and benefits of dogs, Hero Dogs Of 9/11 is now the most watched episode of the Dog Files yet.

Here’s the stats for the nine days it’s been out.

You TWEETED about Hero Dogs Of 9/11 over 1000 times.

You SHARED it on FACEBOOK over 4000 times.

And the Hero Dogs Of 9/11 video has now been seen over 43,000 times!

That figure blows my mind. But the amazing thing is that it’s still being discovered and by midnight tonight we’ll probably surpass 50,000 views!

Here’s a little thing you can do to see the scope of this. Google the words, “Hero Dogs Of 9/11″ and you will be amazed at how many sites have embedded the video.

But the greatest thing about this experience is reading all the comments people have left all over the web. Touching, tearful, joyous comments. In fact, I think I’ll leave you with one such comment that got me all choked up last night.


I just wanted to tell you what a great video that was. I am a 13 yr veteran Fireman in the city of Memphis. I just lost my canine partner of 9 yrs to what has turned out to be a cancerous tumor on his spine. Coda was & I still am a part of the TNTF-1 (Tennessee Task Force 1). We went to the Pentagon when 9-11 happened. He worked every day & never complained like us humans do. About 2 yrs after 9-11 he (Coda) decided that he was done working & wanted to retire. Since then he has enjoyed retirement with his family, especially “his” kids. Two weeks ago I had to put him to sleep because the tumor rendered his back legs useless. I built him a wheelchair & took him daily for treatment at the vets, but none of it did any good. He led a good life & worked hard for his country in it’s greatest time of need. There was no fanfare for him but just a simple funeral in our backyard with his family. My 4yr old daughter put a pin wheel at the head of his grave so he wouldn’t forget her. I’m so glad that I came across your video today. 9-11 is always hard for me because I lost 343 brothers that day & some of them I actually knew personally. It was especially hard today because I didn’t have Coda by my side. Anyway, I just wanted to share my story with you & say THANKS for remembering the unsung heroes.
Jeremy Lansing
R-1-B Memphis Fire Dept

What else can I say?

Kenn Bell – Creator of Dog Files

Please Watch The “Hero Dogs Of 9/11″ Right Here.

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