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Dogs of Distressed Gulf Families Land in NJ

August 15, 2010 – 1:43 PM | by: Peter Doocy

In the wake of the BP disaster in the gulf region, many people are being forced to give up their pets because they no longer have the resources to take care of them.  As a result, shelters in the area are overwhelmed, and are now sending dogs to other states in an effort to save their lives.  “Its kind of sad and our heart kind of breaks, because you can tell these people really love their pets,” said Charlotte Bass-Lilly with Animal Rescue New Orleans.  “It’s kind of shades of Katrina again.”

This week, the largest pet transport so far took place: 94 dogs to eight shelters in New Jersey.  Some of them landed at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, New Jersey, and they are some of the Garden State’s most popular new residents.  “The community support and outpouring for them has just been incredible.  It was kind of like a bar on St. Patrick’s Day, and we had 20 in and 20 out, because we had so many people waiting to see them.”

Debbie and Andrew Silberstein brought their kids Zachary and Noah to St. Huberts today, where they adopted Sasha Bee, who just last week lived in a completely different part of the country.

Mom Debbie sympathizes with those forced to part ways with their pets.  “It’s very sad that these people had to do that and we feel sorry,” she said.  “But they should know that we’ll give this dog lots of love and attention and we’ll really love her like part of our family.”

The dogs here at St. Huberts have been through a lot since the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig.  One dog, Casper, was surrendered to a New Orleans shelter because his owner started working with BP to clean up oil, and no longer had the time to take care of him.  Another dog, Yoda, is here because his owner was forced to downsize to an apartment that did not accept animals.

The dogs were squeezed onto a big rig operated by the Humane Society, and with two drivers, made the trip from the bayou to a suburb of the Big Apple in 18 hours.

The most striking thing about seeing these canines up close is that they are all very good looking, and very well behaved.  These aren’t dogs from the street.  Until recently, they were members of families.  And anyone that rescues one of these dogs will be doing a great service to those distressed families in the gulf: ensuring that the pet they love finds a loving new owner.

If you are interested in rescuing one of these resilient animals, go to www.petfinder.com, or www.sthuberts.or

I am absolutely against government bailouts and the stimulus (I,II, or whatever number we are one now), but if we are going to spend this money and spend it on bridges to nowhere, an airport only used by one of our cheating U.S. Senators and send billions of our TARP money to European banks… there should never be a need or incident of another pet/animal being euthanized because “we” couldn’t wait to find them a home or take care of them.  Demand No More Killing of Pets… and some of that bailout money that lined the fat cats’ pockets to go to animals.  There should also never be a shortage of many of children’s homes and abused or abandoned children.  Let us stand up and stop the insanity!!  There is $421 billion dollars unaccounted for and leftover from the “crisis created” stimulus I Bill.  Now about some of that goes to homeless and abused children and pets/animals instead of politicians and International bankers?

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Abducted cat’s trek from S.F. to N.Y. a Mystery

Mike Kepka / The Chronicle  –  Jennifer Lu holds Jack Daniels at San Francisco’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Jennifer Lu holds Jack Daniels at San Francisco's Society...Suzanne Hollis, a client care manager at Maddie's Pet Ado... View Larger Images

(08-10) 18:04 PDT San Francisco — If Jack Daniels could talk, he could probably explain everything.

But alas, Jack can only meow. So it remains a mystery as to how the nearly blind black cat, abducted from the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals a year ago, ended up on the streets of Harlem last week.

Tuesday morning, Jack Daniels’ journeys brought him back to San Francisco, courtesy of JetBlue and a cat-loving book designer from Brooklyn named LeeAnn Falciani.

“He’s this superstar cat,” said Falciani, who took a week off work to escort Jack Daniels from New York’s animal shelter to San Francisco’s SPCA. “He’s wonderful. I’m actually kind of sad right now to say goodbye.”

Jack Daniels’ saga began in May 2009, when San Francisco animal control officers brought him and his brother, Jim Beam, to the SPCA for adoption. Jack Daniels was suffering from scarred corneas because of a viral infection, a common condition among kittens, SPCA veterinarian and interim co-president Jennifer Scarlett said.

With his milky gray eyes, Jack Daniels relied heavily on his brother, who acted as a sort of seeing-eye cat, Scarlett said. SPCA staff intended for the brothers to be adopted together.

But a week after the pair were put up for adoption, Jack Daniels vanished from his enclosure. Someone had catnapped him.

“How or why that happened, I can’t say,” said SPCA spokeswoman Jennifer Lu. “But we had the police involved, volunteers looking for him. We were very worried.”

Jack Daniels seemed lost forever. Jim Beam meanwhile, was adopted by a nice San Francisco family, Lu said.

But on Aug. 4, New York City animal control officers spied a nearly blind, apparently homeless, black cat ambling along 110th Street, and they brought him to the city’s nearby animal shelter. Staff scanned his microchip and contacted the registered owner: the San Francisco SPCA.

“That shelter is so busy. To think that someone took the time to track us down … I’m actually very moved by it,” Scarlett said. “When you think of all the horrible things that happen in the world, it’s such a beautiful thing to see so many people come together for a little black cat.”

The next hurdle was how to return him to San Francisco. An SPCA volunteer e-mailed Dr. Jennifer Gabriele, a veterinarian who formerly worked for the San Francisco SPCA but has since relocated to New York, asking if she knew anyone who was flying to San Francisco and could transport Jack Daniels.

Enter Falciani, who happened to be on the phone with Gabriele, her cats’ vet, when Gabriele received the e-mail.

“She told me the story, and I said, ‘Sure, I can go,’ ” Falciani said.

So Falciani took time off work to bail Jack Daniels out of New York’s animal shelter and took him in a cat carrier by subway to her home in Brooklyn. After two nights there, he spent the weekend at Gabriele’s vet clinic, then, with Falciani as an escort, hopped a free JetBlue flight to SFO.

“He’s in great shape. He likes to snuggle and make muffins (knead his paws),” Scarlett said. “Whoever had him obviously kept him indoors. He’s very affectionate and friendly.”

It’s possible Jack Daniels has an owner in New York who’s looking for him now, Scarlett said. But unless someone comes forward, Jack Daniels will go up for adoption – again – at the San Francisco SPCA within a day or two.

Falciani, meanwhile, is enjoying three free nights in San Francisco, courtesy of Kimpton Hotels.

“It made me sad to say goodbye to Jack Daniels. You get attached very quickly,” she said. “Although it’s great to be in San Francisco, this will fly by, as most fun things do.”

E-mail Carolyn Jones at carolynjones@sfchronicle.com.

This article appeared on page C – 4 of the San Francisco Chronicle

The Incredible Journey – Book

Homeward Bound – The Incredible Journey – Movie

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Awkward and Funny Pet Photos

Awkward family pet photos… Sorry Gang, I Couldn’t Help Myself and Had to Post These

Everyone thinks their own pet is the cutest but when some families take a picture with their beloved animal, the response isn’t always the collective “awwwwww” they wanted. These are some of the worst family pet portraits from Awkward Family Pet Photos, a website that celebrates when the family pet portrait goes so bad it’s good. Want more? Awkward Family Pet Photos is due out in paperback in the fall of 2011.

Now this one is actually cute!

(Excerpt) Read more at fox2now.com

“This was my brother and me in a crib that our dad had built, along with Sadie the cougar. We were modeling for his furniture, but who knows whether or not this confusing pic gave credit to his woodworking skills.”

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