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Woman Kills Her Own Dogs


A woman from Pittsburgh’s Sheraden neighborhood who police say is accused of killing her two dogs by injecting one with antifreeze and stabbing another turned herself in Friday morning.

Pittsburgh police Officer Christine Luffey said that a psychological evaluation is being requested for the suspect, Deborah Kyles.

Neighbors told Channel 4 Action News reporter Tara Edwards that the dogs belonging to Kyles were found in the back yard of her Fusion Street home.

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Police said Kyles first suffocated a Chihuahua named Soulja Boy with a plastic garbage bag before injecting the dog with antifreeze.

Police said they suspect Kyles tried to frame her son and her daughter’s boyfriend.

The dog was found in a truck belonging to her daughter’s boyfriend in April, police said.

“She didn’t think I was moving fast enough for her because, four days later, Zone 6 police responded to another call for a dog dead,” said Luffey.

The second time, it was Kyles’ Pomeranian, Daisy, that was found stabbed outside her home.

“If someone was going to kill your dog, why would they go through and break in your home, taking your dog, without the other dogs barking?” said Luffey.

Kyles faces two misdemeanor charges of cruelty to animals and a misdemeanor charge of filing false police reports.

“I think it’s sick,” said a neighbor who did not want to be identified. “Two dogs completely trusted her and she’s the one who did such horrible things to them, and just the manner that it was done, I don’t know how she could do that to someone.”

The biggest lesson we must learn from this is to be vigilant and speak up if you suspect anything strange or abusive is going on…  It is also time for all of us to stand up and demand that the sentences for this kind of cruelty are increased drastically!!

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