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Sacramento Canine Placement Assistance

General Financial Grants for Companion Animals Needing Medical Aid:

  1. Extensive List of various financial aid programs compiled by United Animal Nations
  2. Extensive List of various financial aid programs compiled by Dog Tales
  3. American Animal Hospital Association – Grants for low income/financial hardship cases as well as Good Samaritan cases
  4. United Animal Nations’ Lifeline Grants – Medical grants of approximately $100 to $300
  5. IMOM – Financial Aid Grants for life-threatening emergencies as well as Fundraising Privileges
  6. Care Credit – Credit granted specifically for medical care
  7. The Pet Fund provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals in need of vet care
  8. Piggers’ Pals, A Foundation of Hope Assists families in need that require financial assistance for advancedmedical and/or surgical care that will extend quantity and quality of life of their pet
  9. Gracie Foundation Provides financial assistance to not-for-profit rescue groups.  Provides immediate responseand crucial supplies to pets in emergency situations
  10. Onyx and Breezy – Medical treatment of animals where hardship is present

Feline-specific Grants:
  1. Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program – For low-income California residents
  2. Cats in Crisis – Crisis Care Fund Provides funding for cats currently up for adoption and recently adopted cat with chronic medical conditions.
  3. Cats in Crisis Stripes Fund Provides funding to financially challenged individuals who have cats with heart disease or thyroid disease
  4. Cats in Crisis Gillie Fund Provides funding to financially challenged individuals who have cats with neurologicalconditions and mobility impairments
  5. Cats in Crisis Mesa Fund Provides funding to financially challenged individuals who have cats with renal disease
  6. Cats in Crisis 9 Lives Emergency Fund – Provides help for cats who have a life-threatening or critical illness or injury that don’t meet the requirements of any of the other Cats in Crisis Funds

Ailment-specific Grants:

  1. Land of Puregold Foundation Grants for working/service dogs with cancer
  2. The Magic Bullet Fund – Provides financial assistance to caretakers of canines with cancer who cannot affordtreatment.
  3. Dog and Cat Cancer Fund – Provides financial assistance to “underpriveleged” owners of dogs and cats with cancer
  4. Deaf Dog Education Action Fund – Provides emergency medical support of owners/fosters of newly placed deafdogs and donates costs to transport deaf dogs to their new “forever” homes.

Canine Breed-specific Grants:

  1. Pit Bull Rescue Central – Medical fund for owned, fostered or sheltered pit bulls meeting certain criteria
  2. Animal Farm Foundation Pit bull-specific grants in the areas of Spay-Neuter programs, CGC incentives, achievement awards and “Perfect Match” awards
  3. Akita Club of America Funds emergency medical needs, including heartworm treatment,  for purebred Akitasthat are abandoned, rescued or at municipal shelters
  4. Australian Cattle Dog Rescue, Inc. – Medical Fund for purebred Australian Cattle Dogs (aka Queensland Heelers)that are in need of medical treatment and have been rescued and are in foster care
  5. BEHAF (Bernese Mountain Dogs) Provides financial assistance to owners of purebred Bernese Mountain Dogsfor medical expenses
  6. Boxer Rescue Foundation Financial grants for the medical care of Boxers in foster care
  7. Chow Chow Club, Inc’s Welfare Committee provides financial assistance to rescue volunteers and includesspaying or neutering, vaccinations, heartworm testing, entropian correction
  8. CorgiAid, Inc. Provides financial funding for the medical care of rescue or foster or adopted Corgis and Corgi mixes
  9. Doberman 911 Offers financial medical aid for Dobermans with special medical needs.  They also aid in thefostering and re-homing of senior Dobermans
  10. The Goldstock Fund Provides funds to rescue organizations or individuals for transportation, boarding,evaluations and medical costs of Golden Retrievers and “golden hearted dogs” taken into rescue
  11. Keeshond Sunshine Rescue Foundation provides financial assistance for medical assistance of rescuedKeeshonden in foster care
  12. Lab Med – Medical Fund for Rescued/Fostered Labrador Retrievers needing emergency care (Dogs must bepurebred Labrador Retrievers or predominantly Labs, exhibiting strong Labrador characteristics & traits)
  13. Labrador Lifeline, Inc. – For owners or rescuers of purebred Labrador Retrievers who are in need of financialassistance.  Assists eligible Lab owners/caretakers with medical assistance, transportation needs, boarding costs, etc.
  14. Labrador Harbor – Provides medical/surgical or training intervention for rescue/foster and owned dogs if caretaker shows financial need.  Dog must be spayed/neutered or sign agreement to be spayed/neutered when health permits.
  15. Pyramedic Trust Provides financial assistance to Great Pyrenese owners and rescuers in need of emergencymedical care
  16. Tibetan Spaniel Trust provides financial assistance to those who rescue Tibetan Spaniels
  17. Dougal’s Fund – provides medical funding when the dog’s caretaker can’t otherwise afford it for short-leggedterriers such as Scotties, Westies, Cairns, Norwich, Norfolk, etc.
  18. Westie Med, Inc. provides financial aid to injured or ill rescue Westies

Grants for Non-Profit and/or Rescue Groups:

  1. PetSmart Charities – Various grants to non-profits for spay-neuter, emergency relief, et cetera
  2. DJ&T Foundation – Canine Spay-Neuter grants to non-profits (sterilizing pets owned by the public)
  3. Animal Farm Foundation Pit bull-specific grants in the areas of Spay-Neuter programs, CGC incentives, achievement awards and “Perfect Match” awards
  4. Pilots N Paws – Flies rescue animals to new homes when transport is otherwise difficult or impossible.
  5. Onyx and Breezy –  Funding of equipment for medical facilities; funding for much needed research; funding for medical treatment where hardship is present; funding of organizations that benefit animals.


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