Every Pet Deserves A Good Home…

Huntington Dog Beach

This place is dog heaven! And not bad for owners either!

The dogs at this beach are, for the most part, friendly, playful, and not at all aggressive. The only aggressive dogs I’ve seen here are the ones who are kept on their leashes and desperately want to be free like all the other Fidos. [Note to those dog owners: please, please, PLEASE if you feel you can’t trust your dog off leash please don’t bring them to an off leash location. This will only lead to trouble and higher levels of anxiety for you both AND for other dogs. If your dog needs to stay on leash take a walk in the neighborhood or at another beach where they need to stay on leash like Laguna or Newport, but I digress…]

The owners here are almost all very mindful of their dogs and pick up messes promptly. Of course, there’s always a couple people that don’t think they should have to pick up their dog’s mess and just leave it there for somebody else to deal with. Grrr. Just make sure you go down to the beach with enough bags- there are some on the paths towards the beach but none once you get to the sand.

Map of Business

100 Goldenwest St
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 841-8644








This is by far my favorite spot for a canine constitutional and my pups, Sisu and Zappa, agree whole-heartedly. There’s nothing better than an afternoon spent romping in the sand and the surf with no leashes to hold you back.

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