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Pet Dogs Meet Hot Dogs – Lowdown… Attend Major League Baseball Dog Days

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Welcome to Local Lowdown, where we give you ideas for hanging with your hound (and kitty!) in your home city. We’ll tell you about interesting local events, important activities, useful resources and other fun happenings all across the country.And feel free to help us do a better job by writing in with suggestions for local events near you.

Now that Major League Baseball season has officially begun, it’s time to get tickets to your local team’s Dog Day Game!

At these special events you and your pooch will sit in a designated section and can take part in all kinds of activities like pre-game parades around the field, costume contests, special treats and more. Even better, many ballparks donate a portion of ticket proceeds to local animal charities.
Get your seats now and make sure to order Dog Day tickets not General Admission ones so you can have access to the designated section and events. Also be certain that your dog is comfortable with noise and crowds so he enjoys the day.

We’ve included the dates for games in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, Oakland, Miami, New York and San Francisco, If your team isn’t listed here, look for the games on your team’s promotions and giveaways schedule. Minor League teams often have Dog Day Games as well so check for those too.

MLB 2010 Dog Days Games

Atlanta Braves – Bark in the Park: May 2 vs. Houston and August 29 vs. Florida

Chicago White Sox – Dog Day: June 3 vs. Texas

Cincinnati Reds – Bark in the Park: May 26 vs. the Pirates and September 14 vs. the Diamondbacks

Florida Marlins – Bark at the Park: April 30 vs. Washington

Houston Astros – Dog Day: April 11 vs. Philadelphia

New York Mets – Bark in the Park: April 24 vs. Atlanta

Oakland Athletics – Dog Day: July 23 vs. Chicago White Sox

San Francisco Giants – Dog Days of Summer
: August 29 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

If your team and your area is not holding a doggie friend event, contact your local team or stadium and suggest they or volunteer to organize one.

Source: Paw Nation

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