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After spending years watching the shelter system deteriorate, watching countless of beautiful pets die, a vision of what could be began to take shape.  Initially it was a dream.  Soon a blue print for implementation of this dream was in place. Finally a strategy for changes that would most significantly impact the inhumane conditions of these precious pets was arrived at.  Then, in 1997, New Leash On Life Animal Rescue was born, thanks to Bobby & Kelly Dorafshar.

Since its inception, New Leash On Life has been responsible for spaying and neutering thousands of pets, rescuing and placing over 3,000 dogs, providing free educational seminars at local shelters, setting shelter rescue priorities on “hard to place” animals requiring medical or special care, founding the P.E.T.’s program (Pet Educational Trainers) and co-founding Partners for Life which saved hundreds at the East Valley Animal Shelter. Finally in March of 2002, a lease was signed on thirteen acres in the Santa Clarita Valley for our E.R.A Center (Education, Rehabilitation andAdoption) which serves as a safe haven for many companion animals and a learning resource for children and adults facilitating New Leash On Life’s dream of making Los Angeles a no-kill city.

We’ve recently developed our Lend a Paw program, rescuing dogs from the shelter and training them as assistance and therapy dogs for people and children in need.  In addition to our Lend a Paw training program, we are implementing a training program for all of our rescues.  It is our goal to put each dog rescued from the shelter through an obedience training course prior to being placed for adoption.  A very select few may be chosen for Lend a Paw, while most will be adopted to loving families immediately.  By training each dog, the adoptive family has a better chance of developing a better bond and a permanent relationship.  In addition, our dogs get a lot of human attention from our training volunteers while they wait for their new home.

Click here to learn more about Lend a Paw.

Click here for more information about our training program.

Also, please visit our Pet Education area to learn more about the pet overpopulation problem and how you can help! 


E.R.A. CENTER ("The Ranch")
Since its inception, one of the primary goals of New Leash On Life was to establish a no-kill facility.  In 2002, we began development on our 13 acre property in Santa Clarita Valley.  Since the signing of our lease on the property for the E.R.A. Center, incalculable progress has been made.  We moved our offices to the beautiful facility located on the property and initiated remodeling, (enabling us to meet county codes) spent weeks clearing brush, planted fire retardant plants, constructed and landscaped a dog park, developed a memorial park, put up perimeter fencing, built kennels to house many homeless pets, set up an isolation trailer for moms and pups and dogs needing to be quarantined.  We even rescued numerous fowl and built an entirely enclosed bird sanctuary with waterfalls and streams.  In addition to that, our E.R.A. Center has also been used as an educational center for both adults and children.

We recently built indoor kennels so all of our rescues are comfortable no matter what the weather.  We have worked on building our new Lend a Paw program, rescuing dogs from the shelter and training them as Social/Therapy dogs for people with disabilities.  This program is in its beginning phases, but we already have numerous dogs who have passed their CGC (canine good citizen) test.  To learn more about Lend a Paw, click here.

Currently, the E.R.A. Center serves as our administrative offices and adoption center by appointment only.  At the moment, our current rescues enjoy romps in our private dog park, lounging poolside in our exercise yard or strolls around the Rose Garden and walkways.

Click here for a tour of our E.R.A. Center.

Click here to make a donation and help us reach our goal of assisting animals and people in need.

Looking for a trainer in the San Fernando, Simi or Conejo Valley areas??

Try Leash on Life Volunteer and Dog Trainer –

Ask for Marsha at

(818) 886-4PET (4738)
E-mail: care4yrpet@aol.com


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