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Life, Love and Four Paws By Ben Stein

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Ben Stein… Life… Love…. Four Paws

Ben Stein had some thoughts on CBS Sunday Morning on how to get through the recession. His advice? Get a dog.

And why is he leaving his mark? Because he encourages that you should rescue a dog from a local shelter.

From the New York TimesEvery week I read Ben Stein’s column in the Sunday New York Time Business section. I appreciate his grounded, rational approach to long term financial success.

This week’s piece was dedicated to “his best possible thoughts on sound investing and living a long life“. Amongst the Warren Buffet-esque and uber sagacious investing and saving advice he recommends everyone to “get a dog” and “get some kittens.” Get a dog to “sleep in your bed with you. Dogs know nothing of mortality and they share that peace with you.” And kittens “to let them crawl all over you.”

I can say without exception I have seen every one in our office, after having a particularly challenging moment take a couple minutes to goof around with an office dog, walk off much lighter in mind and spirit. Anyone who has a dog or cat knows how therapeutic pawed companionship is. But I bet you didn’t know it would make your richer

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