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This is Spike, while she may look like any other puppy that is far from reality. Bellow is Spikes story.

“Spike” is a vivacious and fun loving young Anatolian Shepherd puppy rescued by SSGT Neil Kulik and the infantry platoon with which he is serving in Marjah Afghanistan. Many of you may have seen the News coverage of “Operation Moshtarak” throughout February and into this month. SSGT Kulik, an EOD tech attached to an infantry company, found tiny Spike alone and frightened after the building she was living in was blown up. SSGT Kulik and his team went to clear the building after an explosion, when he came upon her in a corner, she was shaking and let out a fearful growl as he comforted her. SSGT Kulik promised Spike he would return to her and gave her some water to tide her over until the next time he could see her. He returned as soon as he was able to, honoring his promise to the young little puppy. It was a day later and he brought her food and more water. Spike recognized him and wagged her tail, what was left of it at least. The Afghans had cruelly cut her tail off as well as her ears with no anesthesia or pain killers. She grew fond of this human and his many friends who brought her food and water and even played with her, she had not known “play” before these Marines.

She soon became one of them, going with them when she could and bringing as much joy to the Marines as they brought to her. Spike who suffered hearing loss in the explosion she survived has taken no notice to her injury, she is just happy to be alive. She has become so fond of SSGT Kulik and his fellow Marines that she protects them, growling at people who are out of place and keeping all of the Marines safe. Her favorite human, SSGT Kulik, is to leave Marjah and return to the United States soon and he has told her he wants her to come with. All of the Marines who have had the joy of playing with her during such a daunting time for them want to help to get Spike home as well. The financial cost of getting Spike into the United States is a huge burden and the Marines are hoping that enough kind people will step forward to make this possible for Spike. SSGT Kulik fears that if left behind she will die with her hearing loss making her vulnerable to predators, other dogs, and military and civilian vehicles.

Many dogs in Afghanistan are shot at and murdered. Dog fighting is prominent and Spike wants to be honored for her service to our countries Marines and the men have told her they don’t leave anyone behind. Spike certainly hopes that they will honor their promise when it comes to her as well, that she will come home as one of them, as she deserves to, as a hero.

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The cost to bring Spike to the United States is approximately $3,000.00. This includes her flights and quarantine in Pakistan. Spike is counting on the generosity of caring humans to help her.

Please, any little bit helps, don’t let Spikes humans suffer any more loss, don’t allow the Marines who love her to be forced to leave one of their own behind. Thank you for your donation and helping to make a difference in the lives of many through one.

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