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AMAZING What I NOW Think is CUTE!!

I was chatting with a long time dog show friend this morning – we have known each other for YEARS.  She knew of my Fera’s passing (she too has Rotties) and was tickled to death when she saw I had adopted Shannon – the little poodle “something” .

BGirl2.jpg image by feraspage

We were chatting and laughing as I relayed to her Shannon’s progress in the stress and anxiety department , her perfect “potty” record and how she is SO much at home here…

how she:

* has debeaded all my throw pillows

* chewed up an inkpen

* swiped my glasses off my nighstand (only half destroyed them)

* was just dragging a $45.00 bra into the livingroom to begin working on


Pat’s comment “isn’t it amazing what we NOW think is CUTE!!!!”  LOL

YUP- I had to agree – she is adorable!!

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