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400 Dogs And Cats Rescued From Shelter

Clarksdale, Mississippi (Jan 27th, 2010)

More than 400 dogs and cats have been rescued from “deplorable conditions” at a shelter in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

400 Dogs And Cats Rescued From Shelter

On Sunday morning an operation involving multiple animal rescue organizations swooped on the city’s animal shelter under the authority and request of the city of Clarksdale. Animals were being kept in overcrowded conditions and many had serious health complaints. The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), who assisted in the rescue, described the facility as being suitable for only 60 animals.

The ASPCA worked with local authorities to establish a temporary shelter for the animals, which included 40 cats and around 320 dogs, and was assisted by local organizations including In Defense of Animals, Mississippi Animal Rescue League and Mississippi Animal Response Team. These coordinated efforts were assisted by 4 local veterinarians. In addition, the Atlanta Humane Society is transporting at least 100 animals to Georgia where they will become available for adoption.

Tim Rickey, the ASPCA’s Senior Director of Field Investigations and Response, said that many of the animals appear to be healthy, but some have medical conditions, including mange, as well as injuries and bite wounds from living in communal, overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. “We are making sure that the animals’ immediate needs are being met, and all animals are being evaluated by a veterinarian and will receive appropriate care,” Rickey said. “This was a situation where the intake of unwanted animals was much higher than the number of animals being adopted, and it led to horrible living conditions. We are glad to be able to provide relief.”

Photograph courtesy In Defense of Animals

This is just another example of how we all need to be vigilant and pro-active in checking things out, noticing abuse of any kind, and reporting problems, abuse and questionable situations.

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AMAZING What I NOW Think is CUTE!!

I was chatting with a long time dog show friend this morning – we have known each other for YEARS.  She knew of my Fera’s passing (she too has Rotties) and was tickled to death when she saw I had adopted Shannon – the little poodle “something” .

BGirl2.jpg image by feraspage

We were chatting and laughing as I relayed to her Shannon’s progress in the stress and anxiety department , her perfect “potty” record and how she is SO much at home here…

how she:

* has debeaded all my throw pillows

* chewed up an inkpen

* swiped my glasses off my nighstand (only half destroyed them)

* was just dragging a $45.00 bra into the livingroom to begin working on


Pat’s comment “isn’t it amazing what we NOW think is CUTE!!!!”  LOL

YUP- I had to agree – she is adorable!!

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