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Dog Dragged to Death

When the local news reports a horrible death of a pet who is as innocent as an angel, the feeling you have inside your heart erupts with sorrow in realizing that there are humans in this sometime cruel world, that do not deserve to be called a human being.  The punishment for crimes toward innocent animals who cannot defend themselves, has still not yet been established as a severe crime of cruelty to animals.  The lives of evil ones who stand before a judge when sentenced to prison,  should have their sentence doubled, to have lots of time to think about what they have done.  Perhaps that type of punishment would take away the evil in their lives, and when released, will understand what they should have known all along.  Evil is within the devil.  I suppose this sounds inhumane, but that’s my personal opinion.  This is leading up to the death of a dog that was dragged behind a pickup truck for several miles.

snow_angel_26682239_stdWhat could an innocent dog have possibly done to deserve this cruelty?  The dog had been put into the truck, taken up into the mountains and dragged to death.  Video surveillance at the entrance of a mountain park, showed the pickup going into the park with the dog in the bed of the truck, and coming back out without the dog.  Several hours later, park rangers discovered the body of the dog with a rope 259010-mediumaround his neck.  It was too late for any pet health care for saving this poor dog; he was already in doggy heaven. There were tracks of the dog in the snow that showed how the crime was committed.  The next day, a man was arrested for aggravated cruelty to animals, along with other charges not related to the killing.  I published this on my blog the day after it happened.

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Post #2 CAdreamer

Thank you so much for this sad and horrible post… because everyone needs to be aware and animal lovers and anyone with a heart need to unite and stop this type of abuse.

The laws need to be changed and enforced so that someone that does this type of thing needs to be prosecuted and sentenced at the same level that we would sentence someone that does this to a child… or any human.  If I had my way, we’d just drag that **** who did this behind a truck until he was dead like he did to that innocent dog… or maybe just 90% so he could suffer through the recovery without pain meds and remember it.  I am not a normally a mean person, but I am so tired of hearing these horrible stories, like the gal put her ex-roommates kitty in the hot oven to die… and then they get probation, a fine or some minimal jail time… so they can do it again to another animal, child or weaker human.  They virtually always do because they are sociopaths and it has been proven that domestic violence and animal abuse go hand in hand.

I will publish this on on my blogs as well, but it really is time for Americans to stand up and be better.  What is it that Gandhi said, “A Country can be judged by the way it treats its animals.”  and… it is our job to look out for the least among us… animal or human.  Even the animals who become food do not have to be treated inhumanely in the process.  It is all about decency and choices!

Thanks again for posting this!!


Post #1 – AZrebel said:

on January 9, 2010 07:18 PM ET

I have a .38 special that is for protection only, as I am a 72 year old female living alone except for my animals.  A friend was absolutely aghast at this and said she could never shoot anyone.

Guess what?  If anyone were to harm or threaten one of my animals in my own home, that person would have some air holes where there were none before.  Anyone who harms an animal will harm a child or other helpless human if they think they can get away with it.  Those people should be locked up and the key given to me or someone else who has worked with animals, rescued animals, has animals of his own.  No mercy – they did not show mercy to the animal(s).

Just One More Pet says Amen to the comments!! Let us make 2010 the year that we stand up to animal abusers and abusers of all types!!

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