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Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Pets (and You)

1. I will take my pet(s) to a veterinarian for a yearly examination. Maintaining their health will not only save me money in the long run, but my pet will live a longer and happier life as well.  I will also had alternative and holistic treatments and remedies like acupuncture, chiropractic care and natural herbs and vitamins to their care.

2. I most certainly will keep my pet’s vaccinations up-to-date. A lot of ailments can be avoided and my pet deserves to be treated with the resources available today.  But I will do my homework and make sure that my pets are not over-vaccinated.

3. I will feed my pet a healthy variety and will do my homework as to the right combination of pet food made with natural and healthy ingredients, raw food and/or cooked lean meats and vegetables as part of their diet.  The false information that so called people food, minus a short no-no list, is bad for  them has been proven untrue; made up by the pet food industry.  Feeding my pets good quality food in appropriately designated amounts will keep them healthy. They like routine feeding times and habits and will come to count on my discipline… although a little snack now and then won’t hurt.

4. I will report any and all suspicion of animal abuse or neglect.  It is my responsibility to be vigilant and report any abuses and be part of the solution.

5. I will take my pets to training classes and use the techniques suggested so that they are well behaved animals. They will come to know what’s expected from them and this will make my life and theirs less chaotic and more fun.

6. I will keep my pet thoroughly groomed which includes brushing, clipping, bathing or whatever else is necessary to keep them and my household more comfortable. This will reduce the amount of dander and hair that lingers, and keep longer haired animals cooler in the summer.

7. I will not ignore my pets. They need exercise just as much as I do. Keeping them locked up in a postage stamp sized backyard is not daily exercise and keeping them cooped up in a crate all night or all day while I leave or go to work, where they can’t relieve themselves or play is inhumane!  Also, every pet is different and most need some type of activity or play time, other than just a walk, and many dogs love to go along in the car.  If I am gone a lot, I will consider getting a pet sitter or walker and possibly a second pet (of same type) as a companion.

8. I will be consistent when relating to my pet what is expected of them concerning their behavior with appropriate awards and punishment. I will never harm my animals when they misbehave, but rather my tone of voice will inform them of wrong doings.  I will also learn to adjust my concept of the perfect pet to their needs and shortcomings.  And I will never use methods like shock collars and the like to try and modify my pets behavior.

9. I will say no to exotic pets and animals, they’re called wildlife for a reason, unless taking them temporarily is the only option.

10. I will take care to remove all dangerous objects, hazards, and chemicals from within the reach of my and visiting animals in my home. I will keep a pet first aid kit handy in case they get hurt, plus always have the nearest emergency room and ASPCA poison control numbers posted and with me.

Bonus: I will love my pet! After all it is I who decided to have them in the first place and they depend upon me for their well being.  Pets, and all animals, like children deserve love and attention and are a lifetime commitment.

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