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Feeding Dogs Raw Eggs – Fad or Truly Nutritious?

File:Raw egg.jpgIn recent years, this has definitely become a question that all dog owners ask. Since raw food diets for dogs have become more and more popular, more dog owners are looking to see what kind of raw foods they can give their dogs in order to keep them healthy from the inside out. However, raw feeding is definitely a decision that an owner must make. Even today veterinarians are split on whether or not giving a dog raw food, like a raw egg, is healthy or if in the end it can cause some sort of ailment that may ultimately hurt the dog.

If you decide that raw feeding may be a good option for your dog, it does take a lot of research and time in order to ensure that you are feeding your dog healthy food that won’t hurt his digestive tract. Of course a raw diet for dogs consists of raw meat, fruits, and vegetables, but owners can also feed their dog nuts, dairy products, and even raw eggs. Raw eggs are always on the chopping block so to speak, but many owners that do feed their dog raw eggs report that it does wonders. Since egg products are in most dog foods, owners don’t see why giving their dog a raw egg is a problem.

Owners who give their dog a raw egg once a week say that the egg is extremely helpful when it comes to shaping a dog’s coat and fur. Eggs are a great source of protein and the protein helps to protect the coat and keep it shiny. When you feed your dog a raw egg, even the shell is okay if the dog wants to eat it.

Many people worry about salmonella due to the fact that the egg is raw. But, dogs have great immune systems, and their bodies do not react the same way a human’s body does when introduced to salmonella. If you are extremely concerned, you can always cook the egg by frying it, blanching it, or boiling it.

Dog owners who feed their dog(s) raw eggs point out that it’s important that the dog is given no more than a half to one raw egg one to three times per week, depending on the size of the dog. Too many raw eggs can upset a dog’s stomach, as well as affect the dog’s white blood cell count. Too many raw eggs can also cause your dog other ailments as the yolk is extremely fatty and contains a lot of cholesterol. This can be a problem, so be sure not to feed more than one raw egg a week.

The only exception to this would be supplementing or replacing mother’s milk for pups or giving mom a nursing mom a little extra nourishment.  When our Chihuahua had her pups, we kept all the puppies for 10.5 weeks before letting two go to new homes, and we allowed the weaning process to go slowly.  The pups were Chiweenies (Chihuahua-Dachshund mixes) so were a bit  bigger than most Chihuahua pups.  Toward the end, we supplemented both mom and fur babies, and a few licks for dad with homemade puppy milk:

Homemade Puppy Milk

If you find yourself with orphaned puppies until you find a substitute mom, or if you need to supplement a nursing doggie, here is a homemade recipe.

1 cup evaporated Milk (preferably Goat or Sheep Milk… easier for digestion)

1 cup water

1 tablespoon honey or 1 tablespoon Karo syrup

1 egg yolk

Feed with syringe.

The period from birth and then including from weaning until approximately twenty weeks of age, is the main growing period of the puppy.

If you give canned food servings to your dog, you will need approximately three times more food. Until the puppies are eight months old, they should have all the dry food they want. When the puppies are about eight weeks old, they will eat the most quantity of food in relation with the weight of its body than in any other moment of its life. For some breeds, it can be up to 70 grams of substance per kilo of the puppy’s weight. From one and a half months to four or five months of age, the dog will eat three times a day: once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once at night, trying not to give the dog the night meal before going to sleep in order to make digestion easier.

Always check with your vet, but supplementing with the homemade puppy milk allowed the pups to wean at their own pace while giving mom a break.  It also gave additional nourishment to mom and the pups and because we had the doggie dad at home too and he wanted to be part of everything, which isn’t always the case, he got a few licks too.

Adding raw eggs or omega 3 oil, or both, into dry food to help get rid of dry skin flakes in fur is a good remedy.

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