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Santa Photos With Fido or other Furry and Feathered Friends

Many places these days offer photos for pets with Santa.  Some do better jobs than others!!  Even within the a chain like PetsMart, the quality of the photos varies with the group doing the photos in individual stores.  And remember, most are Poloroid, so if they come out well have them copied or scan them in.

It really, really depends on your Petsmart location and who is doing the photos.  Most of the Petsmart “pictures with Santa” are sponsored/ run by local rescues inside the store, so the quality really varies. At our local Petsmart, you basically get a Polaroid of your dog sitting on Santa’s lap. Others may have a higher quality set up and better photographers.  Some allow and even encourage you to be part of the photo.

Some local malls have pets days and even some smaller pet store chains do Santa photos. They have a special “pictures with Santa” day during which dogs were allowed inside the mall in the evening for the photos. They are usually  sponsored by a rescue so the proceeds going to a good cause. The pictures are usually okay, but not great. Nothing to write home about but when you have x amount of dogs waiting in line and lots of stuff going on, even the best photographer may not manage making your dog look good in the picture.  And t is fun to have a photo with Santa.  Some of the photos of ourselves or our kids with Santa aren’t the greatest either, but as the years go by they seem to get better and better!

Some places will allow you to bring your own camera and take a shot as long as you buy their package.

Santa pet photos are usually with dogs, but I’ve seen people come in with cats, bunnies, ferrets pot belly pigs and even birds, but I would suggest coming in at a slow time to do that, or the cats and birds will be spooked and even try to run or fly away.  I did see a Santa come for the day to an exotic bird shop where people came with their large parrots and cockatoos.

Even with dogs, remember there will often be lots of dogs in line and Santa can be a scary figure to some!

Libby & Santa 2009 santababy

Councilman Ed Reisinger plays Santa at Locust Point Dog Park

Kitties with Big Brother and Santa at PetSmart

Merry Christmas… the Season has begun!

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Family Dog Found Dead After Groomer Mix-Up

CBS – A Stevenson Ranch woman has to bury her beloved dog after a mix-up at the groomers.

For some people, a pet is not just a pet, but a member of the family.

For Jo Joshua of Stevenson Ranch, she just wanted her pet dog to be well-groomed for the holidays.  But now she has to bury her dog.

“Teddy was not only a dog. He was my friend,” she said.

Joshua dropped off her beloved Teddy (Bear) at the groomer Wednesday.

It would be the last time she would see the five-year-old bichon frise alive.

It was a mix-up at the groomer that led to Teddy’s death.

According to Joshua, her son picked up Teddy in the afternoon and when he brought the dog home, she noticed it wasn’t her dog.

Joshua called the pet grooming store immediately and told them that they had given her the wrong dog.

Joshua found out that Teddy was sent home with another customer 20 miles away in Canyon Country.

When that customer got home and placed Teddy on the doorstep, Teddy ran away Joshua said.

Over the weekend Joshua handed out more than a thousand fliers looking for Teddy.

Family, friends, strangers and even the groomer helped in the search for Teddy and offered up half of the reward.
Calls to the groomer for this story were not returned.
On Sunday morning, a Metrolink worker had found Teddy by the train tracks.

“I could just see his fluffy body and you know I broke down and I was crying,” Joshua said.

For now, Joshua said her other dog has been her comfort.

She wants other pet owners to learn from her loss and insists that groomers keep track of their pets.

“We really need to tag animals when they go get washed. I think this is probably every owner’s worst nightmare,” Joshua said.
(This story is unrelated to the business named The Groomer located in Winnetka, California

Dog Mix Up Report Video

CBS Broadcasting Inc.

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