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Greenville NC – Urgent: Dies Tomorrow

FortheSake Ofanimals UPDATE: will be PTS 11/10—absolute last day for this adorable girl!!!

Greenville SC


Someone please step up for Cassie.

Look at her sweet face!

Please contact: animalcareservices@greenvillecounty.org immediately if you can help! And cross-posted widely!!!!

If you know you or someone you know is looking for a pet please contact or come to the shelter today.

Don’t adopt just because you feel sorry for Cassie
Adoption Should Be A Well Thought Out Decision, It’s A Lifetime Commitment.

If there is room in your heart… there is always room for just one more pet or a way to find them a home!!  Please all someone that might want her…

By: Pitty Love RescueWall Photos

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Dogs In Danger – CA – Kathy is Almost out of Time…

Kathy – A0973693

Breed: Pointer
Age: Young adult
Gender: Female
Size: Large,

Shelter Information:

LA City Animal Services – East Valley
14409 Vanowen St
Van Nuys , CA

Shelter dog ID: A0973693

Phone: None

About Kathy – A0973693: ESTIMATED EUTHANASIA DATE. VISIT THE SHELTER ASAP – BRING DOG’S ID#. KATHY – ID#A0973693 My name is Kathy and I am an unaltered female, tricolor Pointer. The shelter thinks I am about 1 year and 6 months old. I have been at the shelter since Oct 07, 2009. Adoption fees include spay/neuter surgery, all animals will be sterilized prior to release.

If you know you or someone you know is looking for a pet please come to the shelter today.

Don’t adopt just because you feel sorry for Kathy – A0973693!
Adoption Should Be A Well Thought Out Decision, It’s A Lifetime Commitment.

email Kathy – A0973693 to a friend

If there is room in your heart… there is always room for must one more pet or a way to find them a home!!

Thanks to Dog in Danger for the Warning!!

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Hank Hough and his Dog Prophet

Hank Hough (HH) is the founder of Kingdom Dog Ministries, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the positive message of Jesus Christ through the unique use of Labrador retrievers. Using dogs as a visual illustration, Hank blends humor with simple and timeless biblical truths to show how one can live an abundant life through Jesus Christ. Today, Hank demonstrates with his dog Prophet.

SSC: We’ve had many, many wonderful guests here at the Crystal Cathedral, some powerful, powerful preachers. And today, you’re going to get a chance to see and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way you’ve probably never seen or heard it before.

Our guest today is Hank Hough and his amazing dog, we call him the Prophet. Hank has done this demonstration and given this message to thousands and thousands of people and is making a difference for the world through his Kingdom Dog Ministries. Please welcome Hank Hough and Prophet.

HH: Thank you. Thank you.

Well as she said I am Hank Hough and this dog is a black Labrador retriever. He’s four years old and he’s called the Prophet. His actual registered name is Joshua 24:15, “Choose you today whom you will serve.”

Can I tell you something about this dog? I called him by his name before he was ever born. I held him in the hands of my heart before he ever walked upon this earth. I knew that his job would be a missionary. Go find that which is fallen and bring it back to the master. And I had hoped that his purpose would be to show you the value of me, the master trainer. I wanted him to go and tell every puppy that ever existed in their language, do you not know who he is? Do you not understand the power he has to change your life to set you free? Isn’t that what Jesus Christ came and did for us? Jesus is real, and God is real and we’ve got to put Him in that place.

Let me tell you why I call him my missionary dog. Here Prophet. What’s his job? Here Prophet. Come on buddy. I want to warn you, I’m going to blow this whistle in couple of minutes. I blew it in a church the other day and 12 men stood up. Three of them said “play ball” and three said “don’t shoot” and the rest of us just said “honey I’ll be right there,” so I kind of want to let you all know what’s getting ready to happen here.

Why did I give this dog a name? I gave him a name so I could hold him accountable for what I ask him to do. That’s almost a new concept in America, isn’t it? I didn’t give him a name so he could make himself famous. I didn’t give him a name so he could put it on his t-shirt or make the Hollywood billboard. I gave him a name so I could hold him accountable for what I ask him to do. And why did I do that? Because the word of God says that each and every man, woman and child in this room will be held accountable before the Lord for the life you live. That day’s coming. That day is coming.

But I also gave him a name so that I could praise him for what he does right. You know what the ultimate praise is going to be for your name? It’ll be the day that you stand trembling before Jesus Christ, eyes down, and when Satan comes to claim those that are his, Jesus Christ may very well call you by name and say “he is Mine.” He will call your name out as one of His. That’s why you’ve got a name. That’s why we name our children. That’s why God named everything in the garden.

So what does that look like? You know who you are. I need to know if Prophet knows who he is because he’s going to go out into the world and the world’s going to try to lure him away. Billy, George, Bobby, Robert, Dr. Schuller. Just checking. President, King, Prophet dog. All right!

You aren’t holding on to what God gives you, are you? What’s more important than Prophet knowing who he is? Knowing who I am. Now why would it be more important for him to know who I am? What is the greatest of all the commandments? Love your children, right ladies? No. Love your mate? No. Love your business? No. It says “love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul.” It goes on to say “seek ye first the kingdom of God,” “you shall have no other gods before Me,” “be still and know that I am.” Why is it saying all that? Because think about it. How simple is this? He cannot love what he does not know. And you can’t either. You can tell me you don’t know if God’s real and I love you but you’re not spending much time in His word, are you.

Let me give you a good example. I can send this dog down that aisle and out that door. We can cross that parking lot. In Houston Texas, I can send him three and four hundred yards away from me. When I blow this whistle that dog will stop and look at me.

Now you won’t believe this or maybe you will, but invariably there are some free thinking dogs, some independent thinker that comes up to my dog and you know what he says? What are you doing? You’re 400 yards from him. He is not your master. You don’t have to do what he tells you to do. You don’t have to play by the rules. You don’t have to do your homework. Do you know why it doesn’t surprise me that that dog doesn’t know my commands? He’s not my dog.

The word of God says something that scared me to death. It said “those that are not of God cannot hear His word.” That should scare almost all of us to death. You see, I spent time in the word of God and didn’t understand it. I thumbed through the book, but my heart wasn’t in it, nor had I asked the spirit of God to come within me to interpret it for me because the good news is what? The good news is “My sheep will know My voice, and I will know them and they will follow Me.”

So let’s do this. You are all going to have to help me here now. I’m going to throw this pretty orange bumper right over there. I’m going to tell my dog not to get it. I want you to try to steal him from me. Say or do anything you want to do, you just can’t put it in his mouth. Okay? Don’t get this, son. It’ll ruin your life and all those you love. Disease, problems, pride, greed, self serving; got a lot of ugly stuff on it but everybody wants the orange bumper, don’t they? Heel back with me. Sit. All right, steal my dog. Come on help me out. Steal him. Make him go.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Hey you’re not helping me at all and I’m going to tell you something, those kids that you’re trying to protect back at the house, you can’t protect your child and you can’t protect your dog. You don’t keep him from temptation, you teach him what to do when it comes because without temptation he doesn’t have choice and without choice he can’t tell you what? How much he loves me.

I want you to really try to steal my dog. You see, somebody else is going to run up to your kid and they’re going to say you coward, you sissy dog, you teacher’s pet, everybody’s getting orange bumpers. You’re the only one that’s not getting them. Try it one time, I won’t tell somebody. They’ll never know. Kind of ugly, isn’t it? A lot of truth to that, isn’t there?

You best put a foundation in your child, in your dog and in your own life. You see, we need to quit praying for God to make our children, ourselves and our country comfortable and safe. And we need to start praying that God will open up our hearts that we can hear the word of God because that’s what separates dogs from dogs and men from men and nations from nations.

I’m going to count to five, that’s all you’ve got. His name is what? See if you can steal this dog from me because the word of God says you cannot pluck, steal, take one of Mine from My hands. Go. Five, come on, three, two, one, zero. All right! You think there’s a trick to it? You think I stomped my foot, raised my hand or do you think he truly knows the sound of my voice. Prophet. Put it down.

Listen to me. I not only need you to know who you are, I not only need you to know who I am but I need you not to covet the orange bumper. I need you, listen to me, I need you to deny yourself and go in faith. No matter what the world tells you, I don’t care how pretty it is, you got to go in faith. Go to the cross! Go to the cross, my boy. What does Prophet dog have? (Prophet comes back with a large bone.) What are you trying to tell them? The real truth, isn’t he? God didn’t come to condemn us about the orange bumpers. He came to give us a more abundant life. Something you can chew on for an eternity. Thank you so much. Thank you.

SSC: Thank you Hank. Thank you. What a wonderful, wonderful presentation of God and His love for us. And I just wanted to say that Hank is just a duck hunter and I’m just a mother but God can use anybody, right? So thank you Hank.

HH: Thank you.

SSC: Thank you Prophet. God bless you.

HH: Thank you all. Thank you all.

This interview was conducted by Robert H. Schuller from the pulpit of the Crystal Cathedral and aired on the Hour of Power October 25, 2009. – Hour of Power 2009


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