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Tell Gaston Co NC Animal Control No to Gas, etc – Same In Michigan!!

We must see that Davies law is passed. The way we treat our animals is a good way to find out what kind of people we are. We made the problem by over breeding/ and not spaying or neutering. Now its up to us to correct our wrong. But not by doing wrong. Co

My husband and myself have been horrified by the failure of care given to the animals kept at Gaston County Animal Control. They also gas animals twice a day, they are over crowded. So basically if a dog is picked up it will be dead in a few days. Its a sad situation. They are crowded into dog runs, left wet and cold in winter (I’ve seen puppies like this there). They are racist against large breed dogs and chose to kill them instead of giving them a chance at a home. We pay taxes to keep this place going. They have failed inspection for the past several years, they have been warned but keep being allowed to fail inspection and continue their cruelty. They have gassed a dog twice that lived and a local rescue group took her after all she had been through. If that doesn’t tell you that gassing animals is painful and wrong then you must be a sick person. And try telling your 6 year old nephew why animal control was dumping dead dog bodies in our public landfill during the day. How would they feel if they were dumped as trash when they passed away. Have the respect to take a sec when its time for a dog or cat to die to take that animal and lay them down and give them an injection and a pat on the head because that may be the only affection and love that animal has ever had from a human. They need to stop throwing them in mass numbers into the gas chamber where they fight for their lives out of fear and die without respect or dignity.  Tell Gaston County Animal Control to clean up their act, pass inspections, treat the animals with respect and stop using gas chambers. It should be against the law.

Its a good thing our Nation isn’t judged by our treatment of our animals because we have failed them bad. Please add you signature to help us correct this wrong that is being done to these precious animals. The least they can do is take out the gas chambers and use injection only. Please tell Gaston County NC Animal Control to change their policies and stop gassing animals.

Target:  North Carolina & Gaston County Representatives

Sponsored by: Heather & Brandon (Private home dog rescue in Gaston Co)O

Tell Gaston Co NC Animal Control No to Gas, etc – The Petition Site

This is horrible! This is abuse and murder!!! How about trying to get a grant… from the leftover Fed Stimulus Money to build a bigger facility to take care of the animals in your charge until you find them a home?? Run some fundraisers with volunteers, set up a foster program for temporary homes for the overflow of animals. There is a special place in Heaven for people who go the extra mile for children and pets. There will be a special in Hell for people who treat this animals and children like you do!! You are an embarrassment to our Country… and God sees everything! This place needs to be shut down!! Perhaps there is some in the County who could volunteer a facility to house these and more pets in exchange for a tax break or write it off as a charitable contribution?!? There is always a better way… if you look!! Ask Marion/JOMP~


Ban the Gas Chamber for Animals in Michigan! – The Petition Site

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