Every Pet Deserves A Good Home…

Pup Photo Flubs – Halloween

For All Those Who Saw the Great Doggie Shots Earlier in the Week and Thought Why Don’t Mine Ever Do That Well…  It Sometimes Takes A Lot of Shots and Patience to Get That Perfect Pet Foto!!!

Plbbbtttt!! Bulldog Chow

Chihuahua Side-Tracked American Bulldog Doing His Own Thing

Curious Pup Jack Russel Begging for Snacks

Mirror Image Me That's Hot... It's Me

Pug Posterior Pose Please Shoot My Best Side

Poodle Pout



For the Good Shots:  Halloween Pups and Pumpkins

And Order Your Pet a Snuggie:

~~ Great last minute costume or just to keep them warm ;-)~~


Happy Howl’oween

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