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Pets feel the crunch of the economic crisis

spencer2.jpgEven the four-legged members of the family are starting to feel repercussions from the economic downturn. According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, more and more people are feeling compelled to give up their pets due to financial constraints.

The article sets the typical annual cost of caring for a pet at $1400 for dogs and $1000 for cats. In these difficult times, some people are finding themselves unable to justify continuing to support a pet when they are having trouble putting food on the table for the human members of the family.

Although I realize that there is a reality to be faced when considering the well-being of your family as opposed to whether or not you keep the family pet, I have a difficult time justifying any type of abandonment. I believe that animals have feelings much like people do. They feel fear, pain, joy, anger, and loneliness. I’ve always found it heart wrenching that you can’t explain hardship or other unpleasantness to animals. Though going through challenging times with a child can be difficult, at least you are able to provide explanations and reassurance. An animal cannot understand words. They only know that you are gone and they are alone.

I was glad to see that the article mentioned a program available in Virginia Beach through the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The Help Out Pets Everywhere (HOPE) program offers financial assistance and other aid to pet owners facing unemployment, foreclosure, or other financial distress. I hope that other organizations make similar programs available. Though caring for pets may cost money, the love and comfort they provide in return is priceless. Especially for families with children, the loss of a family pet can be devastating.

Do you know of ways people can help others who are facing difficult decisions about their pets? Have you experienced this hardship first hand?

Posted by jamie lee in Money | December 23rd, 2008 | TrackbackThe dog in the image above is my dog, Spencer.

Volunteer and Donate to the HOPE type organization in your area as well as to the local shelter.  If there isn’t a local organization… consider starting one.  Also, we beg pet owners not to abandon their pets and only give them up after pursuing all other options.  Ask Marion, Just One More Pet

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