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I saw this “Most Heroic Pet Contest” feature and couldn’t resist passing it along. If your favorite fur baby is also a hero in your eyes, you may want to check this out.

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Fleas, Fleas Fleas

no fleas Help!  I took Gidget and Molly to the vet.  Gidget is still shaking her head and the vet said her ears are clear except there is a small red area which could be from me cleaning her ear.  She gave me some ear drops to help.  Molly’s stool was good.  But, what I didn’t figure on was they both have FLEAS.  I think they got them from the dog walk where I had been taking them so they would have another area to check out beside their own yard or around here.  I had put Frontline on them on the 17th of this month for the first time.  I’ve never had a problem with fleas on them before – never.  The Frontline does not seem to be working.  The tech at the vet’s said it takes about 3 months for the Frontline program to work.  She is sending me pills (Star……….something which is a fast short-term medication that will kill fleas in a few minutes off the dog.  She said this will help get rid of them on my girls in the meantime and then on Friday of this week I can give another dose of the Frontline which is earlier than the normal dose (monthly).

I sprayed the whole trailer and addition, sprayed their beds and the sofa and all carpet (which is very little) all around the baseboards, sprayed the yard, stripped my bed  and washed bedding (since they sleep with me) and gave them a bath with the flea shampoo.  I am also combing their fur with a flea comb every time they come in from outside and am still getting 1 or 2 fleas off.

My other problem is – I THINK I HAVE FLEAS IN MY HAIR!.   Has this every happened to anyone else?  I checked on the internet and one solution was baking soda and water in a spray bottle to spray on the hair and let soak for 15 minutes and then wash with lemon dish detergent.  Any suggestions/remedies will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.




The best flea shampoo I have ever found (and I’ve had dogs for 50 years) is the kind sold for dogs with a white coat.  It has a bluing agent in it.  It will kill fleas, nits, eggs.  Don’t panic if the suds turn rusty colored, that just means it’s doing it’s job.  My hair is gray and the shampoo sold to keep gray / white hair from yellowing from the dyes that color regular shampoos has the same bluing in a smaller amount.  Buy the dog shampoo and use it on both your dogs and yourself.  Be sure to buy a good brand quality.  Cheap ones (like at Wal Mart) do not have enough bluing in them to do the trick.  I’ve done this to my hair when I ran out of my people shampoo and really couldn’t tell any difference in my hair.  I use the doggie shampoo all flea season on my dogs no matter what color they are since it works so well.  My vet has told me that fleas are becoming resistant to the standard flea treatments like Frontline.

Good Luck, Sandy & Co.



Even humans can find fleas in their hair; but there are many home remedies you can use to treat them. It’s vitally important that you treat your environment, too, because the fleas will come right back if they’re around. You may need to treat three or more times to ensure that all fleas and eggs are dead, and continue to treat any pets that live with you to prevent future re-infestation.

Step 1. – Mix 1 tbsp. baking soda with 2 cups clean, warm water in a spray bottle. Shake this very well. Make sure you use a brand-new spray bottle; there may be chemical residues from previous household tasks in a used one.

Step 2. – Spray your hair thoroughly with the baking soda-water mixture. Avoid your eyes. Rub the baking soda into your hair and apply the shower cap. Wait 15 minutes for the baking soda to work on the adult fleas and their eggs.

Step 3. – Rinse the baking soda out of your hair with plenty of warm, running water. Comb from your roots to your ends with the fine-toothed comb and rinse again. You’re attempting to extract all dead bodies and any eggs that may be clinging to the hair shafts.

Step 4. – Wash your hair with lemon-scented dish soap. Don’t use dishwashing detergent made for dishwashers. Apply the soap generously and lather completely. Massage the scalp with the fingertips to loosen any eggs that may be hiding at the roots. Rinse completely. Comb with the fine-toothed comb from roots to ends and repeat at least one more time.

Step 5. – After another complete rinse with clear, warm water, comb again. Apply apple cider vinegar to your hair to soak. Put on the shower cap and again wait 15 minutes. Before rinsing, comb the vinegar through your hair. This step changes the acidity of your hair and scalp, making it difficult for fleas to live in the new environment.

Step 6. – Do a final rinse. Dry your hair with a clean towel and start de-bugging your home. Attack the fleas at their source–usually your pet–and repeat the attack in seven to 10 days after their remaining eggs have hatched.


My experience with fleas is that some seasons they are just worse than others!  I try very hard not to put chemicals or drugs into/onto my pets, but in really bad seasons I have given mine Frontline, one maybe two doses (two months in a row)!  But many years I only use natural remedies.  And you never want to give them anything (chemicals) twice in a row.  And, I’d stay away from the pills.  And it does take 3 months for the Frontline to kick and work.  Too many vets, like too many doctors, have been sold on drugs by Big Pharma and Vet schools, like the AMA.

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