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Judge Rules: NYC Must Create More Animal Shelters

State Supreme Court Rules That NYC Must Create More Animal Shelters… and So Should Virtually Every Other State


The ASPCA applauds a decision by the New York State Supreme Court to uphold a 2000 law mandating the existence of full-service animal shelters in all five New York City boroughs. In last week’s ruling, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Shafer gave the City 60 days to come up with a plan to implement the law(PDF) which will ultimately allow for more animals to be adopted and fewer to be euthanized.

While the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island are each outfitted with New York City Animal Care and Control shelters, the Bronx and Queens have only part-time animal receiving centers. Animals in these two boroughs are routinely sent to Manhattan and Brooklyn, where shelters quickly reach capacity, resulting in the euthanasia of healthy pets. Although funds were allocated for a full-service shelter in each borough, the City has not yet taken steps to purchase sites in the Bronx and Queens.

“Each New York City borough, by law, was required to have a full-service animal shelter by July 1, 2006,” states Michelle Villagomez, ASPCA Senior Manager of Advocacy & Campaigns. “The ASPCA has been urging New York City for years to fulfill its mandate and provide the people and animals of Queens and the Bronx with these shelters.”

In January 2009, the nonprofit group Stray from the Heart sued the City, reasoning that its failure to set up animal shelters in the Bronx and Queens resulted in the “needless suffering and death of homeless cats and dogs.” In its lawsuit, the group charged: “Homeless dogs have been dying in unconscionable numbers because the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has not provided the shelter space required by statute.”

Notes Villagomez, “Not only are healthy, innocent animals being euthanized before getting a chance at adoption, but residents of these boroughs are tax-paying New Yorkers and deserve the same services that residents in the other three boroughs receive.”

The City of New York plans to appeal the court’s decision.

Source:  ASPCA

All states affected by the over-flow of pets and animals due to the housing market crash and economy should be building more shelters and all shelters should be no kill shelters.  The American people were slammed with the stimulus bills the seems to have done little for the economy and been used for some pretty worthless projects; how about helping the animals and pet owners who cannot afford to keep them because of the mess the federal government created.  In the meantime, temporary facilities and foster programs should be set up.  No More Euthanasia of Healthy Pets andAnimals!!

The restrictions (laws and community regulations) on the numbers of pets people are allowed to have needs to be loosened as well to meet the present crisis!!

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