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‘Houdini’ Raccoon Escapes Cage

Rescued Raccoon NEW YORK, Aug. 19 (UPI) — New York animal authorities say a raccoon captured at City Hall earned the nickname Houdini when it escaped from its metal cage.

Mike Pastore of Animal Care & Control said he was summoned to City Hall for the first time in his 15 years on the job Tuesday to capture a raccoon spotted on the roof by construction workers, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

Pastore said it didn’t take him long to catch the raccoon in a metal cage, but the animal soon broke free.

“He’s one of the strongest raccoons we’ve come across,” Pastore said. “He popped up the cage, ran down the scaffolding, and we had to chase him down toward the window well of the building,”

Pastore said the raccoon, which was dubbed Houdini after its breakout, was captured a second time in a cage with extra-firm bindings and was to be released soon into a wooded area.

Source:  Odd News

For those of you wondering:  Do Raccoons Make Good Pets?

Larry Lee here is a domestic raccoon.  He was born April 2004, and we also have Billy Bob a blonde raccoon, born July 2005.

Raccoons are amazingly friendly, if raised properly..  Domestic raccoons do, however, get into mischief.   Larry Lee and Billy Bob were very easy to liter train.

They seem to do better if they have another animal to play with… However, it seems the older Larry gets, the calmer he gets.. He doesn’t seem to get into as much mischief as he did when he was younger, but still does his share.

Blonde RaccoonEven though Raccoons are friendly, they are not for everyone.. They require a little extra time and patience, especially with the climbing..

Raccoons do understand words. Larry use to hear “NO” a lot!

Source:  Sybil’s Den

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