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CA: Act Now to Ban Cruel Tail Docking!

ASPCA Urgent Alert

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Dear California Advocates, California Senate Bill 135 would prohibit the docking of cows’ tails. This bill is supported by the ASPCA and the California Farm Bureau.

The tails of dairy cows typically are severed without anesthetic, either by tying them off and letting the flesh atrophy or by simply amputating them. This mutilation causes serious problems for the cows, including distress, pain and increased fly attacks.

The American Veterinary Medical Association and the California Veterinary Medical Association are on record as opposing cow tail docking. Moreover, its alleged benefits—increased safety for workers and cleanliness of the cows’ udders—have been scientifically disproven. There is simply no reason to allow this cruel practice to continue.

What You Can Do

This email is being sent to you because you have a state legislator who sits on California Assembly Appropriations Committee, which will hold a hearing on SB 135 this Wednesday, August 19.

This is your opportunity to be the animals’ voice—take a few minutes today to contact your assemblymember to ask him or her to vote YES on SB 135.

Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center to email your letter.

Thank you for your continued support of the ASPCA and California’s animals!

All animals deserve to be treated humanely, including farm animals!!!

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  1. Nearly all dairy farms in California do not use tail docking on their farms! There is no reason to dock tails and most people realize this.

    Visit my blog for more information about a real California dairy, and happenings at the farm at wwww.crazymoos.wordpress.com

    Comment by The Fervent Dairyman | June 10, 2010 | Reply

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