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Magic Beans?

Yesterday I was gone from home for several hours, not the normal few like I usually do with my dogs.  They were all fed and had their morning potty run in the yard but then they were in the house the rest of the day, alone.  They have a water bottle fed bowl and I put down two relief pads for them to use. When I returned they were extremely happy to see me but they were perfect kids while I was gone.  Nothing out of place and the two relief pads were both used, no puddles anywhere in the house. Since the weather had cooled off I decided we could brave the dog park as a treat for being cooped up all day.

As soon as the sun set I loaded them into their car seats and headed to the park.  The dog park we go to had just re-opened after being closed for two weeks for “maintenance.”  The park has two sections, one for the large guys and one for the small fries.  There were about 30 dogs in the large park and no one in the small when we got there, which was a little disappointing to my guys as they like the socialization with their kind.  They soon got over the fact that they were the only ones and romped in the joy of being out on cool grass with scents galore. What was surprising is that my 16 year-old, Lilly, ran and played like a puppy!  She chased and was being chased by my younger dogs and had a great old time doing so.

After a while a young girl brought in her family’s 2 Chihuahuas while her parents took the big dogs into the larger dog section.   One of them was so tiny he couldn’t have been more than 3 lbs.  My biggest dog, Ginger, that I have only had since the beginning of June, ran the fastest I had ever seen her move to get to the little dogs!  Ginger had dental work in mid July and is on a weight loss program using green beans to supplement her half rations of regular food.  She has lost about a pound in the two months that I have had her and her infections have all been cleared up so she is feeling like a new dog.  I didn’t know she could move that fast, I was amazed!  So, here I am at the park with a senior acting like a pup again and a healthy dog moving like one that weighs 5 lbs less than she really is.  Now, we could say it was the fact that they hadn’t been to the park in just over 2 weeks, or the cooler weather, or the fact that they were finally outside, but I want to think there is magic in those green beans they have been eating!

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