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Brooklyn Woman Assaults Two ASPCA Agents

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On July 23, ASPCA Supervisory Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas and Special Agent Kristi Adams arrested Brooklyn resident Andrea Stewart, age 39, after the woman attacked the two Agents.

Responding to an anonymous tip about a neglected cat, the Humane Law Enforcement agents arrived at Stewart’s residence to find a seven-week-old, one-pound orange tabby with his whiskers cut off and a serious injury to his right front paw. “The kitten’s leg was broken,” says Supervisor Lucas. “As of now, he might lose his paw and is suffering from a rib fracture as well.” It was determined that Stewart had failed to get medical attention for her cat.

Says Joseph Pentangelo, Assistant Director of ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement, “In response to the agents’ decision to seize the kitten, Stewart choked and knocked down one of the ASPCA uniformed officers and punched the other.”

Stewart was arrested by ASPCA Special Agent Kristi Adams and taken to Kings County Hospital for observation. The agents were treated for injuries at local hospitals, while the kitten, named Macaroni by officials, was taken to the ASPCA Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital, where he’s expected to recover and be readied for adoption.

Since it is a felony to assault a New York State Peace Officer, Stewart could receive two counts of felony assault and one count of animal cruelty.

Posted:  Just One More Pet

It really is time that the punishment for these inhumane offenses to animals is raised to a much higher level and that offenders are given the maximum.  If you think about it, it is pretty crazy.  The women is charged with two counts of felony assault for attacking the ASPCA Agents (and should be), but is only charged with one count of animal cruelty for maiming and torturing her cat and then not getting it medical help.  We are all God’s creatures and no animals should be treated inhumanely, including wild animals and livestock… farm and ranch animals deserve to be treated in a humane manner, and especially domesticated animals that people choose as pets.  It is time that we begin considering ourselves as guardians of the animals and pets in our domain instead of “owners”.  The cruelest animals on the planet really are uncaring humans and the rest of us need to keep them in check!!! … Ask Marion, JOMP~

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