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Take Pup Out to the Ball Game

Dog Day Games Go to Ballparks Across the Country

Take Pup Out to the Ball GameAmerica’s two favorite pastimes are together at last. Baseball and dogs at the ballpark, throw in a hot dog and it might be heaven. Hooray for Dog Day Games! All across the country, dogs and their people can “root root root for the home team” live at the game. And since it’s doggie’s big day, your best friend can expect great things. Not only will he join you in the VIP (very important pup) dog seating section, but each ball club welcomes its furry fans with different doggie activities. From a pre-game parade on the field, to costume contests, pooch massages, special treats and games, even free health checkups; it’s a hot diggity dog day.

And now that the official baseball season has begun, don’t waste a second. Score two tickets for you and your dog to the Dog Day game in your city. Pup seats are limited and sell out quickly so don’t miss out. Check your team’s ticket office for dates, times and all the juicy details. Do make sure you get the Dog Day seats and not just general admission tickets to the game.

But first consider this: as much as you love baseball and your dog, not all dogs make good fans. If your pup is bothered by crowds, noise and commotion, or isn’t likely to mind his manners, the Dog Day Games are not for him. Only well-behaved pups with proof of vaccination and license may attend.

Check to see if your team has a Dog Day Game and get it on your calendar. Just go to mlb.com to get to your team’s website and click on their 2009 Promotional Schedule.

Tonight was Take Your Dog To the Ball Game Nite in Oakland vs. the Angels.

The San Francisco Giants’ Dog Day is on August 1st vs. the Phillies and the Cincinnati Reds will have their second Dog Day of the season on September 15th vs. Houston.  Other teams that had a Dog Day Games this (2009) season are the Atlanta Braves, the Florida Marlins, and the Chicago White Socks.  Each ballpark schedules different events and many sell doggie wear and items with the team logo.  Some teams who do not have a doggie day scheduled still sell pet wear:  www.sportydog.com/mlb.  Write or email your favorite team and request a ‘Take Your Dog to the Ballpark Day’ if they don’t have one scheduled for 2010.

Source: WoofReport.com

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Thank you to Claudia and SF Giants fan Tanny for the photo.

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