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Plan Ahead For Your Pets’ Care… Like Oprah

According to a close friend of Oprah’s, like Leona Helmsley, whose dog Trouble inherited $12 million, billionaire Oprah is planning on bequeathing her dogs and menagerie of other animals a sum that could easily serve as hefty lottery winnings.

When Oprah passes on, her pets are going to get $30 million for their care. A sum almost impossible for a handful of animals and their care-takers to go through, unless they have a team of experts at their disposal daily.

The $30 million Oprah is said to be leaving her pets is, however, a bargain compared to the $250 million her boyfriend of 21 years, Stedman Graham, supposedly received as a “keep quiet or else” severance package.

Not that any of us can leave our furry and feathered friends $30 million, making plans for their care in case we go first is something we should all do!!

In tribute to her Cocker Spaniel who died last March, Oprah said, “Sophie gave me 13 years of pure unconditional love. She was the true love in my life. In fact, she’s been one of the greatest reasons for me to be a kinder, more gentler person”

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