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Jon Gosselin Denies Animal Cruelty

This is a family in crisis and out of control!!  Animals are often among the victims in these types of families and abusive or chaotic situations in general.  There is also a direct link between domestic neglect and violence and animal abuse!!  Usually where there if smoke there is fire and better that this comes up now, along with everything else, before there is serious abuse the and children and pets!!  ~ Ask Marion – Just One More Pet

Jon Gosselin Denies Animal Cruelty

Already in the national spotlight for his troubled marriage, Jon Gosselin is facing yet another controversy: allegations of animal abuse.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star told PEOPLE recently that his German Shepherd pups, Shoka and Nala, are often mishandled by his young children. “Those kids beat them up, climb on them, pull their tails, bite at them, drag them around and everything you can imagine not to do to an animal, they’ve done,” he said.

It wasn’t long before the Humane Society of Berks County, Pa., where the Gosselins live, received about a dozen complaints from animal activists around the country, prompting Gosselin to release a statement Friday to the organization about the care of his animals.

“I’d like to set the record straight,” he said. “We understand the responsibilities of being good dog owners. Whenever my kids are with Shoka and Nala, everyone is carefully supervised to ensure that no one – dog or child – is injured. Shoka and Nala are loyal companions who we consider members of our family. We would never do anything to hurt them, and treat them with the respect and love that they deserve.”

Karel I. Minor, executive director of the Humane Society of Berks County, confirmed to the local Reading Eagle newspaper that Shoka and Nala are up-to-date on their vaccinations and registered in the Gosselins’ township. “We have no credible reason to believe in way that there is cruelty going on,” he shared, adding that representatives from the Humane Society did not conduct a visit to the family’s home.

Community members on PEOPLE Pets, which also posted the story, had suggestions for the reality-show couple on teaching their 8-year-old twins and 5-year-old sextuplets how to behave properly around dogs. “Not every dog would be as tolerant, so it’s probably not good to let your kids think they can do whatever they want with no consequences,” wrote abby’s mom. Other members agreed, with reader Micki1219 pointing out that “there may come a day when, unfortunately, [Shoka and Nala] might not be so tolerant.”

By Kate Hogan – PEOPLE Magazine

Source:  Huffington Post

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Washington family to keep endangered Turtle

rare western pond turtle - CA RIDGEFIELD, Wash., June 8 (UPI) – Washington state officials say a family will be allowed to keep their pet, a rare western pond turtle, but the animal will be owned by the state of California.

Barry Mason of Ridgefield and his wife Chae Yon said their family adopted the turtle when they encountered it as a baby 21 years ago while camping in Northern California. They said the turtle apparently was taken from their home during a birthday party for their son, Shon, in April, The (Vancouver, Wash.) Columbian reported Monday.

The reptile turned up in May at a pet store in Hazel Dell, Wash., but the family ran into an obstacle while reclaiming their beloved Mr. Turtle — his species is endangered.

Washington wildlife officials wrote Mason that it has decided to allow the family to keep the turtle under a few strict conditions: The animal will belong to the state of California, it cannot be transferred to another family without the department’s approval, and its final resting spot after its death will be determined by California and Washington wildlife officials.

Officials said they took into account the amount of time Mr. Turtle has spent in captivity, as well as its special connection to Mason’s son, Chol, who died of complications from a transfusion of HIV-positive blood a few years after he and his brother discovered him.

“We are making this exception due to the circumstances regarding the captive history and care for this turtle since 1988,” the department said in a letter to Mason.

Source:  Odd News

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