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Collar Warning


Dear Doggie Loving Friends,

I wanted to pass on a very sad situation that occurred with my neice’s dog,  Blaze.   Blaze was a growing puppy who had a playful brother who was adopted by my sister.   Oggie and Blaze loved each other,  and whenever they were together they pounced on each other, chased each other,  and romped with joy.    Blaze had a leather collor that buckled,  and one day when Blaze and Oggie were playing together Oggie’s canine incisor tooth got caught in Oggie’s collar,  and as Oggie tried to pull himself free from Blaze his pulling only tightened the collar on Blaze’s throat all the more.   Because the collar had a buckle,  and not a quick release snap,  the only way to get Blaze’s collar off was to cut it off (and the leather was pressing so hard on his skin and the leather was new and fresh and impossible to cut quickly) or to unbuckle the collar and get it off his neck.  Releasing the buckle meant making it tighter on his neck  to allow it to release from the hole on the collar.   Guess you can see where this might be leading.  Blaze died before my brother in law and neice could get the collar off. 

I think everyone should re-consider collars with buckle closers.   Had Blaze had on a quick release snap collar the outcome of this situation would have been far different, and we would still have had Blaze with us.

Kathleen – AARP Blog

  • Another thing to watch for on puppies is the collar getting too tight as they grow.
  • This incident is also another argument for using a harness for walking, that way your pet’s collar does not have to be as tight since its purpose is for identification only.

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