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Holidays Went To The Dogs and Other Pets This Year

The slow economy may have influenced some people to cut back on extra spending this holiday season, but their pets likely didn’t suffer.

The American Pet Products Association speculated before the holiday that more than half of dog and cat owners will buy holiday gifts for their pets.

That averages out to 20 million people spending $210 million.

“A lot of (customers) don’t have family members other than their pets and that’s what we cater to – people who really love their pets,” said Sherri Cartwright, an employee at the Welcome Wagg’n Home in Upland.

This time of year, the store usually sees an increase in customers, Cartwright said.

Everything from sweaters, treats and toys are being sold at a higher volume.

“We have a bakery, so they buy a lot of dog cookies that are Christmas cookies and then we sell sweaters and jackets and, of course, toys,” Cartwright said. “We sell a lot of treats this time of year.”

Welcome Wagg’n also provides a year-round dog daycare, but many pets have been getting dropped off in the days leading up to Christmas, so their owners can do some holiday shopping or visit with family.

“We have more dogs about this time. People go out shopping and don’t want their dogs to be neglected or get bored at home,” Cartwright said. “They can come here and play with other dogs.”

Pat Williams of Upland was dropping off her recently adopted Lab and border collie mix, Chance, before heading out of town.

Williams has given Chance Christmas treats, toys and even has a stocking waiting for him at home.

“He gets a little bit at a time,” Williams said. “He got a couple cookies, which he really likes, and has gotten several toys. … He’s kind of spoiled.”

Katie’s Pet Depot in La Verne has also been seeing extra customers the past couple of weeks.

“We have done exceptionally well over the last two weeks,” manager Taryn Hartless said. “People buy extras, like extra treats, extra toys, and people come in and buy animal-related gifts for people.”

Holiday pet treats have also been one of the store’s most popular items of the season.

Even pets themselves have been selling more.

“Within the last couple of days, a lot of animals have been sold,” she said. “Parents have come in to buy kittens for their kids.”

Posted 12/24/08 By Sandra Emerson

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