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ASPCA Needs Your Help To Help Our Furry and Feathered Friends

As someone who cares about animals, you’ve committed to protecting pets in need and the ASPCA is there to make it happen, 365 days a year. dog Sadly, this year will be worse than most. With some pet owners having to make tough decisions, pet food sales and veterinary visits have decreased in the last few months. The cruel truth is that that more pets are being dumped, abandoned and turned out onto the street while others are suffering hunger, neglect and abuse. 

Your support helps the ASPCA rescue these pets in their time of crisis, even during the coldest months of the year. Your gift of $25 or more can mean the difference between life and death for pets with nowhere else to turn.

Please help us with as generous a gift as you can afford. Even a small amount can go a long way for a pet in need.

Make a gift

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Help A Pet


Help-A-Pet and Help the People Who Love Them.

Established in 1999, HELP-A-PET is a nonprofit organization with a single purpose: to provide financial assistance nationwide for the medical care of pets whose owners are unable to afford the expense

Who We Help

  • Physically and mentally challenged individuals
  • Senior citizens
  • Children of the working poor

For such people, pets provide a vital therapeutic aid to daily living, unconditional emotional attachment, and protection. Unfortunately, it is often those who need their pets most who face the fiercest financial obstacles to providing medical treatment for their beloved companions. Applicants must provide proof of income eligibility.

Each owner is asked to pay as much as they can towards the cost in order to spread our assistance to as many pets as possible. Cost-sharing with an applicant indicates the owner’s commitment to their pet’s well-being, and lets you know your donation is being used as efficiently and sensibly as possible.

How We Help

Every dollar donated is used to help pets. Every dollar. Every cent. We have no overhead or salary costs. None. We are an entirely volunteer organization. All payments are made directly to the veterinarian or medical supplier. Most animal-welfare charities do not offer medical treatment. Those that do are often only able to provide services at one location. Through the use of local vets and hospitals, we enable accessible and immediate care from vets who are familiar with the pets. While most of our assistance goes to perform surgeries, we also assist with preventive and curative treatments.

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