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Seismic Wave Will Cause Rippling Affect For All Animals

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“Elections are a time of reflection. There is the moment that commands our attention—and there is also the long-view. Thanks to your unwavering support, and your steady encouragement, The HSUS has taken the plight of farm animals to voters twice before we launched Prop 2—and won both times.” said Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle.

 Florida voters led the way in November 2002 by phasing out the two-foot by seven-foot metal gestation crates that confine breeding pigs. Then Arizona voters followed suit, banning gestation creates and also the horrible crates used to confine veal calves,  In November 2006.

Reverberations were felt far beyond the borders of those two states.  In June 2007, Oregon’s government became the first in the nation to ban gestation crates for breeding pigs through the action of the legislature.  Then in May of this year Colorado’s governor Bill Ritter went even a step further by signing landmark legislation phasing out gestation crates and veal crates.

Last night California took the biggest step yet by Passing Califorina Prop 2 whose effects will be seismic, for all animals and the farming industry.  By California Prop 2 passing we should see the beginning of changes in many states and eventually in all states.  Now is the time to start the pressure for the ‘Humane Treatment’ of all farm animals… of all animals in every state.  Although it was a huge victory, it should really be seen as just the beginning of the wave of change for animal rights everywhere.

By Marion Algier/Ask Marion

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Source:  HSUS/Wayne Pacelle

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Yes On 2 Wins – Take A Bow – Animal History Starts New Chapter

Take a bow. You rewrote history for animals.

Thanks to you, 20 million animals in California will soon be spared the worst abuses of factory farms. And I’m confident that we’ll look back at today as a pivotal moment in how our nation treats animals who are raised for food.

Early returns showed that more than 60% of Californians voted for Prop 2. This is a tremendous victory for animals, for The Humane Society of the United States…and for you. We were able to reach millions of voters with our message of compassion only because you stood with us — by taking action, by donating to the campaign, and by telling your friends, family, and neighbors about Prop 2 and what it would do for animals and for the state.

This was a momentous election for the nation. I’m so grateful and honored for everything you did to make Prop 2 a big part of the story. Please read my blog over the coming days for my take on Prop 2 and what it means for animal protection.

It may be a cliché to say that “we couldn’t have done it without you.”  But it’s so utterly true. Thank you.


Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

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